Resource 2007 Ranger Medic's Handbook 2014-01-08

75th Ranger Regiment Trauma Management Team (Tactical)

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    The Ranger Medic Handbook - 75th Ranger Regiment Trauma Management Team (Tactical)

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    Enjoy if you don't already have it!
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  2. fosyxe1

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    Very good med facts for the layman

    Thanks for the info, This is the kind of info that helps in an emergency , Where ever you are , at home with family or when you come up on an accident scene, It might help you save a life.
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    Awesome info, ty
  4. The Ranger Medic's handbook is a great reference - for those who have the training and experience to apply the knowledge therein. Remember the military medic's philosophy is 'plug the holes, stop the bleeding, keep them breathing, and get them the H3ll out of there.

    More helpful references for most preppers include "Where There is No Doctor", "Where There is No Dentist", "A Community Guide to Environmental Health" (Addresses water supply, toilet construction, and trash disposal) - all can be downloaded for free at the Hesperian Foundation
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    As a trauma certified ER RN, this is a very good field 'refresher' course which can take our skills outside the hospital setting.

    Although some trauma protocols have changed since this was published, I consider this worthy of printing and re-reading often, as well as having in print in my major trauma kit.

    Stress + unusual situations to what one is used to, can definately leave one lost in the phog of war. Read, learn and have for reference - knowing the contents well enough to be able to go directly to the needed info.

    Thanks for posting this.

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