2011 Wannamacher Gun SHow

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seacowboys, Apr 4, 2011.

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    This show is unbelievably big! If you have never been to this show in Tulsa, OK, then I can't really describe how big it really is. It takes an entire day just to breeze through at a steady walk and not stop to ponder too long at any single tables. There were five people in our group that traveled to Tulsa from Alabama. We explained that there might be a gun shortage in Alabama soon so we were comming to stock up. Each of us had a list of items on everyone else's wish list and a pad and pen to mark where we saw it. We would compare notes during the evening and spend Sunday actually making purchases. I bought a 4" blue Python that was near mint, an AK bayonet, an AK underfolder flat, a Blackdog Machine Shop drum magazine (.22 LR) for my M-16, and an assortment of parts for various other builds that I am working on.
    Jerry picked up a M6 Survival rifle in .22 Hornet/.410, a 1911 Military issue made in 1911, a 1902 Colt .38 auto, a Winchester M1 carbine, and a Winchester Garand.
    The rest of our party bought:
    1911 Colt Stainless in 9mm
    Styr Scout rifle in .308
    Marlin lever-action .45-70
    870 remington
    model 63 Winchester .22
    .22/.22 mag single action revolver
    I found four items for my wish list. The two rifles are an 8-bore and a 4-bore double made by the same maker ($124,000.00 for the pair)
    The first revolver is a .45-70 six-shot and the next revolver is a working copy of a Colt Patterson that is three feet long and weighs 34 pounds; the bullets at 7/8" in diameter. This gun can be seen on the trailer for an auction tv show that runs on the History channel. He is asking $8500.00 for it, we made it to $6500.00 and exchanged phone numbers to keep bargaining.
    4-8 bores.JPG .45-70 revolver.JPG big revolver.JPG
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    Oof. I'm relatively recoil insensitive, but I'd hesitate on any of those. (Getting elderly and slightly more fragile than I used to be. The .500 Jeffrey and .600 NE were stricken from the wish list two years ago, and the .577 Tyrannosaurus never made it on.)
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    That sounds like a great show. Our local show this weekend didn't have one single gun on my list (i had 6 rifles and 5 pistols on the list). only saw 2 semi auto rifles (a very beat up mini-14 for $550 and a ar-15 for 1100. It was an ammo only show for me.

    Wish i would have had the same outcome as you.

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    Wannamacher is a very good show to go to, I just dont like Tulsa, wish it was in OKC. But anyhow, we are supposed to be having a show coming here in late july early August. hoping to have a couple thousand to play with by that show. But I love the purchases you guys made.
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    Minuteman talked me into coming to the first Wanamacher show I attended about three or four years ago. I try to return every Spring now. Wish Tommy and Robyn had been there this year; they are really good friends.
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    This is the worst time to be away from home. Well, besides October for the Fall show!! I used to make both shows every year. Some good times. I am hoping to get my vacation around the fall show. Glad you had a good time SC. Wish we could have been there too. Sharing it with good friends makes it even better.
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