2013 and the end of the Republic

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Keep in mind that all this means is a total collapse of our economic system as it is known today. Eventually the welfare slugs will find that all their demands for more and more will get them 100% of nothing. Many will starve. Many will attempt to acquire what others have that they don't. This will lead to a great number dead by violence on both sides. It is why many of us prep and preach to others to prepare. Sometime in the last century man forgot a common truism "there is no such thing as a free lunch".
    Ayn Rand said it best above, and yes, Our Society is Doomed! Hopefully enough of us remain in the aftermath that it can be rebuilt as it was in the beginning of our once grand nation.
    The republic will never die in the minds and hearts of her Patriots and well taught offspring.
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    Well said Tac.
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    Tac, as long as they can't get us, our children and compatriots into the concentration / extermination / re-education centers (FEMA Camps). We will be around and should be able to make a difference in the rebuilding.

    Yeah, we may wind up looking like haggard bums but we will still be free men and women.
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    Keiser says financial collapse in the spring...
    I say I'm planting tobbacco beside my potatoes.

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    Damn I still need to get tobbacco seed and raw peanut seed.
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    let's get our terminology straight. This hasn't been a Republic since membership in the "union" stopped being voluntary.
    We stopped pretending to be a Republic when the states lost their representation, and the only check on runaway federal government was sidelined.
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    At work we had an internal campaign called "Unleash and Empower".....
    I told my boss "What makes u think u ever had a leash on me?".


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    did the boss say: Paycheck?
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