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    I recently bought a group of used mags and the Winter American Survival Guide 2013 was in it. To say I was unimpressed with the issues of the ASG I read off the rack is an understatement, but now I have one to closely look at and review in my free time. Now the "new" ASG is put out by Beckett Publ. which puts out Gun World and other horribly overpriced and fairly to totally useless magazines (Concealed Carry Handguns, World of Firepower for example), so to say that I am unimpressed here is about par for the course. Yes I do get Gun World and it is a FAR cry from what it used to be, and yes, so are most of the other gun/outdoor rags for that matter. Outdoor Life and Field and Stream are about the only two that were good and got better or have improved lately.

    Now I didn't read every article here, I can only stand so much BS and crappola a day/week/month and this thing was threatening to fill out the rest of the year. The "what to do if the power goes out" article was OK - IF you have NEVER thought for yourself and need someone to show you how to sit to take a dump and can't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel. Basic info and tool list is a major understatement. Plus no real info on choosing the tools or how to use them if you have them.

    NEW PRODUCTS was typical - two pages of adverts by sellers.

    The FOOD AND WATER was, as is typical of this sort of thing in every rag, just a 5 page sellers showcase and advert list written by sellers.

    The OFF ROAD was a $260,000 to $500,000 (yes quarter to half a million dollars! Talk about something you normally see in the useless Rawles blog!) camper.

    "What to do in winter weather" was FIVE PAGES with with 1 1/2 pages of print. Mostly useless/worthless photos unless you have never seen snow before.

    "Cabin Fever" was 8 pages of mostly snow and 2 pages of print.

    WINTER COATS was five pages of adverts by the advertisers with no actual/useful info. Same info as a Sears (or other sellers) catalog has.

    BUG OUT BAGS was eight pages of the same. Ads by sellers.

    SURVIVAL GUNS was six pages of the same. Ads by sellers.

    BOWS was six pages of the same. Ads by sellers.

    Twenty six pages of adverts out of 130 pages (including covers which they counted as page 1/2 and 129/130), not counting the above. I mean ads that actually look like ads and are not just free filler. Throw in the above filler and that's about 58 pages of ads right there. Then there were the "articles" that were mostly three-quarters/half/quarter page photos and another 33 pages of printless, or nearly printless (but almost always pointless), photos and we are not talking about much printed info here, plus most of which was printed is useless anyway. Can't say I recommend this rag from here from what I've seen.
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    It's for the sheeple. So they can buy the stuff, put it in their spare bedroom in their vacation home where it will sit, untested/unused until needed. So they'll feel safe and prepared.
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    Have to agree. I knew one nutter (Marc) who would buy all this stuff and tell me about it and when I asked how it worked it was "um...er..ah...any way the new item I bought..." And how does it work in real life? Have YOU tried it? "er..ah.. that is...um...anyway I just bought...". The guy had NO IDEA how ANY of this stuff would work, or IF it would work! A LOT of stuff I bought because it was recommended by some "expert" either didn't work as advertised or did not work at all! Of course if you write any of this up and put it out to the stupid, they will attack you for bursting their bubble and telling them the truth.
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    The Bear Gryllis (or whatever his name is) machete is JUNK! There is ONE rivet to hold the handle on the blade and that broke the second swipe at a few weeds. What if I was depending on the machete for life or death? You won't see THAT reported in ASG or New Pioneer (Nancy Tappan is listed as the editor! Oh my goodness...), or other Harris trash!
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