2014 veteran's stand down schedule

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  1. Dont

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    Just check to see if the new schedule of events had been post, and here it is..
    For those vet's that care to attend one these are not for the homeless only and can be a good source of gear, as in MARPAT ILB's..
    The list seem incomplete at this point as it has no listings for several events in my area.. Keep checking and remember we are dealing with the VA here..

    Events/Stand Downs - Homeless Veterans
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  2. Dont

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    Last year some of the Nat. Guardsmen that usually volunteer at these was scheduled for their drill.. The Vet's that sponsore the local event opened the doors the night before so they could get theirs and not miss out.. All the older Vet's and those in wheel chairs or poor endurance are moved to the head of the line and allowed to go through first.. These events are put on by Vet volunteers, not necessarily the Va..
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    Thank you for posting this, Dont....there are probably more homeless veterans in the USA than many people might care to imagine. Although there are many sources of assistance available to them, that may be accessed with varying levels of difficulty, knowing what and where and how to access them can be a significant challenge. Anything that helps in the process is welcome.

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  4. Dont

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    We do have a healthy population of Vet's in this area and theres a lot of them that put in a lot of voluntary hours helping out fellow Vet's..
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  5. William Antrum

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    Excuse my lack of knowledge on this list but what is the Class A,B,C distinction ? Uniform Tango
  6. Dont

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    Have never had any designations of "class" on the prior years schedules.. To my way of thinking, all us Vet's have class at any rate....
    The va reps at these things do have a habit of asking if we are feeling depressed.. Could just tell them that doing anything with in the va system is a pretty depressing expiriance in itself...
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  7. Cruisin Sloth

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    The type of injury if you received one. At least that's what ours In Canada & England has. Only shown if it is required .

    No I don't think it means that. I just reread the link &what I posted , should never be displayed .. Maybe the type of event ?
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  8. Dont

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    Normally they display the number of days the event will be.. Normally they are 1 to 2 days long... Like the rest of the schedule, the duration has not been determined...Drove to Mt. once for one and the va displayed the wrong dates... This was in July... The va rep said he had been trying to get the DC va to correct it however...... I call to varrify now..
  9. William Antrum

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    agreed but was just curious have not been to any veteran events government or otherwise try to stay away from prying eyes and minds .. no VFW or American Legion either have not even been too see the Ol' time SEABEEs ...
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