Second Amendment 2018 ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by tacmotusn, Feb 26, 2018.

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    The Serial Number MUST be on the ATF 4437, so that it can be checked against the FFLs Bound Book, that is MANDATED by the Gun Control Act of 1968 as amended.... SO unless ATF shows up to do a Audit of the FFLs Bound Book and 4473s, NO .Gov Agency ever has access to the Serial Number.... In say the above, the only thing sent to the NICS Check folks is "Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun" and NEVER, the "Make, Model, Caliber, and Serial Number" of the FireArm in question...
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    Last year Governor Brown(stain) required by Executive Order that the OSP to permanently store this information. Our State has a Constitutional requirement that there not be a firearms registry. Oregon State Republican Party? Crickets. Effing sellouts one and all. The only one who would and did stand up got hit by a sexual harassment suit - from a Democrat State Senator - nobody smelled the fish there, Republicans stabbed him in the back and now he will finish out his term as an absentee due to a restraining order.

    Don't move to Oregon if you value freedom and independence. If you are in Oregon get the eff out of Dodge.
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    Gov'ness Kate Brown had orderd the OSP to retain all BGCs for 5 years! What she also did was great a back door regrestry by recording the SN separately and submitting through the OSP as a part of the BGC, the OSP has maintained a regrestry for almost 25 years, and even though they were " caught" the records remain intact!
    The requirement to keep and maintain form 4473 is the noose we all hang by, that form contains the SN and the buyers info, and is required to be maintained for 20 years!!!
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    Alaska will welcome all the Oregonians who want to more to a FREE State....
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    You might be getting new neighbors BTpost!
    Bandit99, yea, I'm a bit scared as well. There is a great big unknown with activating the Nat. Guard to sweep up the guns, and they also have an ace in the hole by doing that, martial law, which suspends the constitution and allows the Guard to employ tribunals to charge and punish with out due prosess, no lawyers present to defend, and once a sentence is matted out, it gets carried out swiftly!
    Will the Stated follow? Difficult to say, it would be a pretty huge leap into that unknown, but in OryGun, and the rest of the wet coast, you can pretty much count on it!
    This gets passed and attempts to enforce it move forward, me says it's open season on all traitors foregn and domestic! Been nice knowing y'all, Ura-Ki got work to do!
    See ya in the funny papers!
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    Alaska IS looking better and better. Not liking the winter aspects so much, but I prefer Liberty to sunshine.
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    The Gulag Archipelago???
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    I honestly don't think we would see the National Guard mobilize to sweep up guns here in Idaho. I don't know what would happen here. I think that if this Bill is passed it will be Open Season on gun owners and 2nd Amendment defenders. I don't think there is a lack of patriots (i.e. manpower) throughout this country but organization would be difficult given all forms of communications are controlled. Logistics would be impossible to replace/renew... In my mind, it all comes down to which way the State governments jump... Should the State governments stand by the people this would add legitimacy to the cause, bring organization, medical care, even armories and trained troops. If not... then small guerilla bands that have never won a war (that I can recall) without outside assistance...but in honesty you don't have to win, just be willing to accept more losses than they will and force them to defend every inch of ground, i.e. taint the fuel, poison stores food, foul the water, destroy the power, wreak the transportation, etc...make it too costly in blood and dollars to continue. Think IRA on steroids. would get real ugly and there would be no winner. I truly hope these yahoos know what they are doing.

    “It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” - Samuel Adams

    “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” - Samuel Adams
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    You might be right Bandit99, but I think it still has to come to the States, beyond that, I think there is more man power, more organised, then any one is willing to give credit to! More in certain states then others for sure! Broad sweeping actions cannot take place from ether side, like you said, a gorilla fight would be likely! I' going to be surrised to see just how many 'Muricans are going to roll over and take it, vs the number who take a stand! At this point it's all speculation any way, only one way to find out how it actually goes down! I have my ears tuned to the winds, so far things are quiet! That could be good says me!
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    >80% will roll over and fewer than 10% will stand up. I don't think the majority of the National Guard much less regular military will support an unconstitutional action against US citizens, at least not yet. One more generation and all bets are off.

    There is no way that citizens, even those with all the AR-15's and ammunition they can imagine could win a conventional war with the US military, so unconventional tactics will be needed to preserve liberty IF we ever get to that point.
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    I should probably keep my trap shut, but: Pure down and dirty gorilla war as Ura-Ki stated. That said this children's crusade does scare me. The left has finally succeeded in getting full control of the education system, and the press. They are well on their way to destroying the Judaeo-Christian ethics that made this Republic possible in the first place. The next generation will be soul less bots with no concept of right or wrong, and will do whatever their devices tell them to do. A world wide CME event would actually be a blessing right now in may ways. And the only way to fight, if it comes to it, is to cause equivalent effects in the metros. They are all dependent on external resources for their existence, and most of those resources are extremely vulnerable. Water power, transport. These are all required. Power distribution transformers can be forced into shutdown by draining the cooling oil, water aqueducts are insanely exposed for the most part. I know parts of the ones NYC uses to steal water from the Catskills that you can drive right up to if you wish. High capacity ground transport uses the interstates: all those overpasses are held together by bolts..
    And did I mention a concerted move to remove the entire governing cable? A "Debt of Honor" event if you will.
    They'll probably be breaking down my door before I head to work...

    Addendum: Are our rulers really willing to make 100 million citizens into instant felons?
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    per the bill referenced.
    semiautomatic assault weapon includes:
    (C) Any part, combination of parts, component, device, attachment, or accessory that is designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun.
    so a bump stock is now an assault weapon. and probably a crank handle as well.

    (D) A semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any 1 of the following:
    ‘‘(i) A threaded barrel.
    So, any handgun that can accept a silencer is now an assault weapon too!

    So if they ban these evil semiautomatic assault weapons .. then the answer to your question is ... yes.
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  13. ghrit

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    So having a hammer on a sixgun that is readily fanned makes a revolver now an assault weapon.
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  14. BTPost

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    @ghrit. That is just the kind of CRAP, that you get when Folks, with an Agenda, but NO Knowldge or Experiance of the Issues, try and write Statutes, for “ The Good of the People”...
    What is the BIG DEAL, if the muzzle of the FIREARM, is Threaded? Just because some dufus Politico, back in 1934 decided Sound Suppressed FireArms were some how MORE Deadly, than UnSuptessed FireArms.. This is all supposed to be about the number of Projectiles that can be pumped into a crowd in a short amount of time, according to our Friends at “Save the Gun Free Zone”
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    It's actually much much more worser! ALL semi automatic Firearms ( with a few "Sporting" exceptions are now verboten! What that means: All 21 of my 1911's are now illegal because they have a detachable mag and an "Enhanced" trigger! My M-1 Garand is now illegal Because even though it's called out as a C&R, it still has more then one "Scary Feature" A Wood Barrel shroud, and a Bayonet lug, Same thing with my 1903 Springfield's, and Worse, the 1903's get called out because they have enhanced feed mechanisms, I.E. Stripper clip feeding! My SMLE is banned because it's fixed mag holds more then 5 rounds, my Tikka is banned because it has a detachable mag, and even my Stalking Rifle because it is a big bore, deemed too big for sporting use! Lever actions that were originally a military arm or a replica of one, and any of my B.P. arms, because they were a military arm, or are a replica of one that was issued to the Military! So, basically I'm completely screwed! Nothing I currently own is legal under the terms and definitions of this bill! Havnt looked at the ammo restrictions yet, but I know I'm a gonna be super pissed!
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    @Ura-Ki the Garand was specifically excluded by name., 1903, SMLE, Tika are Good to go because not semi.

    not sure that an enhanced trigger on a 1911 is going to count as the part to increase the rate of fire were called out as being on a rifle ;) Add a threaded barrel then you have an assault weapon for sure!
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  18. Ura-Ki

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    Yea, But! I mentioned them because even though called out as exempt, they still ALSO contain exclusions spelled out elsewhere that would make them illegal regardless, as they also do not call out the banned features as exempt also! Slippery slope as this opens up the definitions to interpretation by those unqualified to make a determination, and you know what happens then!
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    Now I gotta seriously consider grabbing a couple of paperweights as insurance...I'm actually not happy about that. I'd rather spend the coin on something else but it begins to make more and more sense...
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  20. VisuTrac

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    @Ura-Ki I guess if you've practiced enough, then your arm could semi-automatically function the bolt.
    And yes, with bad legislation comes bad interpretation.
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