2019 USSVI Convention, aka Submarine Convention. All Hands welcome, some boats have their reunions.

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    Hey guys,

    Trying something different in the effort to get the word out. This email is going out mostly to the currently listed Base Commanders on the USSVI Web page. In the past a few POC's have been sent, Ads in the American Submariner, same USSVI Convention Web Site and yet there seems to still be a lot of USSVI members that do not know about the convention in Austin this August. Registrations are starting to pick up and we think it looks like it will be a good turnout (30 states represented so far, let's make it 50) but I'm asking you to let your folks know about it and encourage them to come to Austin. We also have a Face Book Page we have started, please check it out, Like, Share and Follow us and if your base has a FB Page please share and follow us there too. 2019 USSVI National Convention

    We believe we have a pretty good time planned here in Austin. We will have a lot of live music including USSVI's own Bobby Reed helping us open and close the convention. We will be visited by the Mayor and possibly Governor Abbott. We have a couple of bands lined up for the Welcome Aboard Party and Half Way Night Party. There also will be some acoustic acts playing some in the hospitality room. Bring your guitar our whatever and play along. Maybe toss a few games of corn hole while sipping on your favorite beverage in the hospitality room too.

    If you can't make the whole thing take a look at coming down Friday for the weekend. We purposely scheduled the Annual Business meeting, Half Way Night Party, Holland Club Breakfast, and really special Tolling Ceremony over the weekend. We realize there are many of us can't make the whole week and can only get here for the weekend and these events are a large part of the convention. There's a really cool dinner cruise happening Sunday night too. We want you to stay for the Awards Banquet and hope you do but understand there are a few of us who still work and can't spend the whole week here.

    We are also offering a lot of other side trips/tours throughout the week so that maybe there is something that may appeal to everyone. Take the Fredericksburg (Admiral Nimitz home) trip for example. The National Museum of the Pacific War has an amazing museum but it is also a town with a main street full of shops, wineries, breweries, and restaurants. Everyone will have a great time there. We have numerous other trips planned including River tubing where everything is provided even tube coolers, just bring your own beverage (no glass). There are BBQ and Beer tours, Wine and BBQ tours and many other options.

    The hotel is located right in the middle of a huge shopping and dining area. Plenty to see and do. Go on the Convention Face Book Page and check out the videos for the hotel.

    We also have 3 boats holding reunions during the week. USS Lafayette (SSBN-616), USS Tecumseh (SSBN-628) , and the USS Theodore Roosevelt (SSBN-600). An especially good reason to come if you have ever served on any of the those boats. Come and catch up with some old shipmates. Details for these and everything else is on the convention website. USSVI 2019 National Convention

    We also could use your support in the form of placing an ad in the convention magazine or just a donation. I am attaching the registration form, POW, Tour and Event descriptions (as we know them), Magazine Ad order form all to this email. Registration at the hotel is through the convention website or by calling 1 (800) 468-3571 and use code US Submarine Veterans. Come visit us in Austin and see why Pride Runs Deep in the Heart of Texas! Help us spread the word. Please feel free to call, text or email anytime with any questions or comments.


    Rick Mitchell
    Central Texas Base - BC
    2019 Convention Chair

    Links in the message (2)
    2019 USSVI National Convention

    USSVI 2019 National Convention
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    Sounds like a good time .
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    A good thing to do on a rainy night and a first date down on the Charleston Water Front.
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    The intense part is watch’en with you GirlFried, in your ride, from the deserted lookout... after the Movies...
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    it's a complement... every submariner I ever met was like that... more going on underneath than on the surface :)
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    Yup. Ask any of several boat sailors here. If you really need to thank a serviceman for his service, go to that convention; a target rich mass of hands to shake. (OK, before the firestorm starts, women did not serve in sinker-riser ships back in the day.)
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