.22 LR staples?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by chelloveck, Dec 30, 2013.

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    If it even works and can punch a man sized target at 5 feet, it is better than a knife for some. Not me, but it does show imagination. I'll give them a C- for design and effort. Make it a C+ if it hits the target and doesn't injure the person holding it.
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    lol, you know, a .22lr isn't so powerful it can cause your face to blow off if the chamber erupts, but safety is important, even though it seems to be the highlight of a modern generation: "remember, safety first!" I can remember doing incredibly stupid things as a child, like smashing .22 rounds between rocks to fire them off and setting 1/2 lb. of black powder in a barrel with a half stick of dynamite and a ridiculously short fuse...needless to say, my respect for these things grew as I did, miraculous as it may seem. Sure, safety is important, but so is experience. I can speak from experience when I say that even a fire cracker can blow your hand apart, if the hand is kept closed tightly enough --watched that happen. Quarter stick, actually. Ouch, thankful it wasn't me.

    Anyway, the .22lr round will not cause damage to you as long as the "barrel", or exit for the bullet is unobstructed, and the brass is cradled securely. Give the round a clear path to exit and extinguish its energy, but keep the brass secure enough for it to get the job done. That's it, --it is not a very strong round. Now, some folks will argue because they like to argue, but those people need to read what I typed. Keep the .22lr round cradled, and have a clear path for the bullet to travel and you can fire them from a Pez dispenser if you like...although I am not suggesting it. =) The blow back, though not severe, would ruin any successive shooting and any intended long term use hindered by the fact that it's a candy dispenser and not a gun. In short, a makeshift gun made of simple plastic could work fine, but best for one shot only deals. A staple gun made of metal might actually work quite well, although accuracy shouldn't be expected. ;)

    And, no --I am NOT suggesting making a .22 out of a Pez dispenser. Remember, safety first! :rolleyes:
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    Zip Gun = Old style hollow antenna from a 57 Chevy for the receiver and barrel, hand made wooden stock, spring operated clothes pin for the trigger, hammer and a mount for the firing pin, firing pin is a 8/32 bolt and nut with the end filed down on a rock. Put togather with wire, screws and tape of your choice.
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