22 rimfire ammo talk and more

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by the dog, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Noted. [winkthumb]

  2. CATO

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    Since we were talking a lot about .22s lately, I thought I would bump this.
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    and a third NOTE, here: If you really want to reload 22LR, two things to do BEFORE you think of repriming them....
    1. Make sure you wash them out very good with a good methyl alcohol solvent, and then allow them to air dry.....
    2. Do NOT use Phosphorous Based Priming Powder. Make some Lead Azide, or Lead Styphanate, as a priming Powder, (never more than a few grams at a time) and use just a tiny dab of crisco, as a carrier agent. Then use a Q tip to install the mixture in the shell base. A little Dab will do you.... Then let the cases sit in a warn (Not Hot) dry place for 48 hours, before you add the Bullseye Powder and projectile.

    The above is NOT for the uninitiated, and you do so, "at your OWN Risk" and I don't want to hear about you missing a few fingers... AGAIN, This is NOT for the uninitiated... Disclaimer noted.....
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    Ive had a few favorites over the years. I like shooting subsonic shorts and CB caps out of grandpas remington 34. I think my all time favorite for 22 ammo would be CCI Triton quick shocks. Love those things.....just wish i had stocked up on a lot more of them when they were easier to find. Worked great out of the single six too.
  5. Snarky357

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    Velocitor is a great round BUT my 10/22 does not feed them, caveat emptor
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    I shoot everything except any Remington .22LR. I have HAD.......flood...bad flood, a pile of .22's from all kinds of manfacturers and all of them have had a lot of misfire, delayed fire, or FTF issues using anything out of a green box.
    Out of my Ruger 77/22 I like Federal .22LR. They are inexpensive, they are soft lead so they kill small critters good, and they always go off. I have had more squirrel dinners thanks to that combination than any other.

    I guess I should also mention, I also use a lot of CCI's, Blazers, and Winchester wildcats.
  7. Snarky357

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    Also in the not cheap category but Looks promising, we tried some Remington Subsonic HP's yesterday after reading about them a bit and seeing a video or two. My son's CZ shot the best groups with it, beating Federal Match ( new gun, trying to see how good it can be). My 10/22 bolt release jammed so no report on that, but my daughter's 795 actually cycled them. I'm still shooting bricks of stuff from the 80's too. I laugh at the $9.99 Kittery Trading Post sticker.
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