2200 nissan diesels & toyota vs nissan?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OzarkSaints, May 3, 2010.

  1. OzarkSaints

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    anyone know how the old nissans stack up against the older toyotas? early 80's circa? are they comparable in terms of bullet proof mechanics?

    and any thoughts on the 2200 nissan diesel 4 banger engine?

  2. fireplaceguy

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    I've looked into the older Japanese diesels a bit. They wouldn't be my first or second choice, but you're probably OK with one as long as you stick with the older generation engines that have timing chains. My choice would actually be the 2.2L Perkins engine, which came in the early 80's Mazda B2200 and Ford Ranger compact pickups. I was told that these were built under license by Mazda but that Perkins parts are fully interchangeable.

    That era of Japanese trucks were plagued with rust problems, and spare parts are getting scarce in junkyards. With the exception of the Perkins, those engines were built for light duty, and so were the drive trains in those trucks.

    FWIW, I decided to swap a 4 cylinder Cummins diesel into a newer Jeep Cherokee. More work and money up front, but better performance, fuel economy, longevity and parts availability over time. It will tow about three times the load, and there are zillions of aftermarket parts available too.
  3. OzarkSaints

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    alrighty then, thanks bud!
  4. Brokor

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    I had a Nissan 4 cyl pickup, and the engine was sound, but just like FPGuy said -light duty. And the body did rust to hell, but I think that has a bit to do with location as well. Dependable truck, though.
  5. fireplaceguy

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    If you really want a little diesel pickup, watch Craigslist in dry climates like Phoenix and Albuquerque. You may watch for quite a while, but there must be one or two out there. You could always find the right rust-free chassis there, then pull out the gasser and bolt in a diesel engine from anywhere else.

    Maybe a rust-free early Ranger and the Perkins? That way you'd have a lot more junkyard parts availability along with the most robust engine. Those little 2.2 Perkins engines are fairly common along the coasts, where they do a lot of marine duty, and they're also in a lot of equipment like rough terrain forklifts. (I've even seen a 4 cyl. Perkins powering the reefer unit on a semi trailer, although I'm not sure what the displacement was on that one!)

    Back when the economy was better, I was kind of interested in swapping an RD28 6 cyl. diesel (came in the early Nissan Maxima) into a Z-Car. It's a direct bolt-in! These days, everything I do has to be a little more practical than that.
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