223 AR's now beat 308's at 1000 yd matches

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by content, May 15, 2011.

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    They use a 90 gr VLD Berger bthp match bullet, 1 in 6.5" rifling twist, 26" barrels, and start that bullet at 2800 fps. It has such a great Ballistic coefficient that it is still traveling at 1200 fps at 1000 yds, and, at 1000 yds, has the same 250 ft lbs that a .38 special has at the muzzle. Not to say that long range sniping makes any sense for shtf, but to show you that the 223 and the AR are just as "capable" of such as any 308 auto is or ever was. The 223 AR has been beating the 308's at the 600 yd stage of the NRA Bullseye matches for over a decade now. Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. You do not need to settle for carrying half as much ammo, due to 308 weight and bulk, nor do you have to forgoe having a .22lr conversion unit for low cost, quiet practice now, or quiet foraging once shtf. you can conceal a short barreled Ar-15 on your person, not true of any 308 autorifle. you do not know what you might need to do if shtf, so having the max number of options is best.
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    50BMG's motto is: turning cover into concealment for 75 yrs. I have a couple of 223 launchers and like them for what they are. What that 30 cal round will do is punch through many things and still take out the perp behind it. I shot at an 8" tree six times with a 308 and the tree fell over. 223s have their place and function but when the winds start blowing (both ways) I want something with a bit more punch. A 223's wind drift is nearly three times that of a 168 grain boolit.
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    u r quite wrong about 223 wind drift, if you use 223 bullets with superior BC to the 168 gr 308, you will have LESS wind drift than the 308, because the 223 starts at higher velocity. with better BC, the 223 bullet will slow down less, too, so the wind will have LESS time to work against the 223 bullet. also, the side profile of the 223 bullet is smaller, so there is less of it for the wind to push against. so you are quite WRONG, again.

    Shooting at what you can't see is a great way to run out of ammo without having hit anything. the military has planes, trucks, trillions of $ to waste. you do not. So you will have only 100 rds or so of 308 ammo with you, if shtf, so wasting them on trees, dirt, cars, and buildings is pretty stupid, actually.
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    go to Berger Bullets, and check out the BC of 77, 80 and 90 gr 223 VLD match bullets, compared with the worn out old 168 gr 308 bullet. :) u will see that I am quite correct, and you are most assuredly putting out bad info, it hasn't been true for over 10 years now, what you claim. you use a boattail match 308 bullet, and compare it to a plain based 223 softpoint, so you are consciously cheating/lying to the readers here.
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    I guess that is why the Army and Marines re-issued the M14. :rolleyes:

    There is a difference between the range and the battlefield..
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    Due to his severe flinch, I don't think content (Gunkid) has fired anything stronger than a suppressed .22 (LMAO). Oh, but he can kill ya at 1000 yards with one.
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    Yeah, but a streetsweeper ownz the biatches!!! (of course inside of 500 yards) beyond that i'd use a 22lr with a lot of kantuck elevation. Windage not so much cause them little 22 subsonic pillz are like lazers out to 1.5 miles. (it sayz so on the package)
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    AP- Tokyo
    Japanese scientist Takahari Shootimoto held a press conference today, in which he proudly displayed the prototype of the John Melvin Davis AKA Gunkid M-14 AR/22LR Conversion. Doctor Shootimoto was quoted as saying "Through much dilligent research all across the shooters boards, we here at Bandai Toys have been able to build an approximate model of the infamous Gunkid AR", at which time he brought out this fine specimen:

    This prototype will be finalized in time for this year's Christmas season. Bandai has also stated they are adding a Geiger Counter and tachyon emitter to the weapon to "give it that real scientific feel, in the spirit of Gunkid's awesome accomplishments".
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    Still haven't found kansas:D
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    If you practice enough with any weapon system you can become quite lethal and it doesn't matter what anybody says. This whole battle over "my gun caliber is better than yours" is bologna. Every weapon has its place and most of the talent behind the gun is dependent upon the user. If you find yourself limited, change your tactics and practice. It's always a good idea to have a general knowledge of a wide variety and to also specialize in one combat platform than to seek out statistics on ballistics to make up for lost talent.

    If you are hunting elk, you use one type of rifle, and if you are in urban combat you use another. Situational awareness is key. There is no perfect rifle, no magic solution.
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    Where I live in the woods, 200yds of open ground is rare. I practice for where I live and will be shooting.
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