225 acre cloud forest - Ecuador

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  1. There is no road. There is no power. There is no cell reception. The hike in takes 1.5 to 2 hours and involves a bit of climbing. At about 2300 meters elevation, it's cold at night and warm in the day. There is a 1000' ridge shaped like a fish hook (the locals call it Roca Vida) that separates the land from the outside world on 3 sides, and a combination of river and jungle isolating the land from the other side. There is a spring that flows out of the cliff face that is drinkable without boiling or filtration. The river is cold enough that it could be used for trout farming. The land is hilly, but the nearest neighbors have successfully used similarly sloped land for farming. There are a few level sites for future cabins.

    Why am I posting about my land? Well, it's a bigger project than I can manage on my own. I need a few other people out there in this mountain valley just to keep the jungle from overgrowing the trail in. I would be willing to give away a little bit of land to a few select people. My vision for the place is to have a few people living there full time, and a few cabins for short term rentals for people that want to experience the lifestyle for a week or two at a time.
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    Looks like it would be infested with malaria and Zika, along with a few varieties of really deadly snakes.
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  3. E
    Elevation is too high for zika, malaria, etc. There are snakes. I found these two near the closest village.[​IMG]
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    Looks like a lot of work, I would want a small bulldozer and a front loader to clear the jungle.

    Are the snakes good eating?

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    not an expert, but neither snake looks venomous... what does the farming look like in the surrounding areas?
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    Do you own the land or lease it?
    Awesome place to grow coffee too!
    Either of those snakes would make a beautiful pair of boots!
    You should try posting on the WORK AWAY website. My son is in Hawaii right now for 2 months. A lot of people would work if you put them up and feed them.
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    If you can grow your own coffee you can survive any apocalypse short of direct meteor strike.
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  9. Good eye, neither snake is venomous. The elevation is a little bit too high for coffee. It's great for corn, squash, potatoes, peppers, tree tomatoes, and dairy cattle. At least, that's what most of the neighbors do. There's no way to get a dozer in to clear the land. Well, by helicopter, but I'm not gonna do that.

    Here's a couple photos of farms in the area.
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  10. Oh, and yes, I own the land. It's divided into two property titles of roughly equal size.
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    I live at 4,797'.... you can grow a lot more than you think at that elevation. your climate is more important than elevation in my book...

    "Consumers have apparently developed a taste for the strains grown at high altitudes. A passion for sipping the “Strictly Hard Bean” brew grown above 1500 meters has increased the prospects of several poor villages in South America, researchers Edward F. Fischer and Bart Victor of Vanderbilt found."
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    what does it take for one to travel down there? In terms of time and money...
    from AK to FL is about all Ive done, never traveled outside the u.s.
    we talking $3k for a plane and 18hrs flight time?
  13. Yeah, but at about 2300 it really is too high and too cold. I talked to the neighbors and did a bit of research.
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    my bad, 2300 was taken as feet when I read it. that puts you in my ball park.. never tried coffee tho...
  15. Depends on where you're flying from. From Seattle I can usually get a $600ish one way ticket. Miami and NY are the cheap places to fly from. Once in Ecuador all the essentials are dirt cheap and all the luxuries are expensive.
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    Where were you when I was a young man!
  17. I was probably sitting in my room looking for blank spots on the maps that covered my walls.
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    What is that on the right side of the picture? I can see what looks like squash plants but all the bare trees or is that an arbor?
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