22LR @Bass Pro 6¢/rnd

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by AD1, Jun 8, 2016.

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    Remember to capitolize on this you need to have a Bass Pro near and ship your order to the store so you dont pay shipping
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    not close to 98292
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    Since when was 6 cents around a good deal for 22lr.
    I don't recall what it's been lately, all I know is when I see the price then remember how much I have and move along.
  5. AD1

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    Since $50/500 rnds is the norm now

    The here have been several monkies that did not have adequate stock and got caught by the new norm in price.

    Many monkies have added to their stocks at any where from 5¢-7¢/rnd due to these alerts.

    We will never see it sub-5¢/rnd again.

    If you are "lucky" enough to live in Seattle, and buy ammo in the city, the you have the pleasure of paying 5¢/rnd TAX on ANY ammo.

    The new "game" by the left is if they cant control guns, they will tax the ammo and are already pushing for ammo purchase records and limits on what you can buy.
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  6. Yard Dart

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    Buying ammo in Seattle...... biglaff........Not a chance!!! [poo]
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  7. Oltymer

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    That's really a good deal from my perspective. I tested Auto Match several years ago and all my semi auto .22's really liked it and performed well with it. On the other hand, I cast bullets for my centerfires, make my own cast bullet lube, and a primer being about 2.5c - 3c each now, along with a few grains of appropriate powder and I have a much better round than any .22 RF. Brass life at these low pressures is amazing, some are at over 140 shots fired with these cat sneeze loads and still no signs of case separation. So, as long as I can shoot centerfires for less than the present cost of a .22 round, I'll stick with them. YMMV.
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