24 Volt To 12 Volt Via Outback Mx60pv Mppt Charge Controller

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Nadja, Jul 21, 2012.

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    This is a small problem that I could use a little help with. I recently aquired two 190 watt solar panels that are in 24 volt config. My entire system is 12 volt. However, I have an Outback mx60pv which I have now mounted to the wall on the ready. I have adds and cannot determine should I hook the batteries to it in 12 volt first in order to bring up the led on the box to configure it or the panels ? I am not using a dc breaker between batteries and my c-60's and cannot afford one at this time. I use instead the very large fuse which was the way we started many years ago. Will the controller automaticly swich itself to 12 volt ? Lost in book land
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    If this is the exact model, and it appears to be but with the suffix of "MPPT" then you may find the answer here, on page 13.

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    As I remember, the Battery Type and Voltage is a Setup Setting in the MX60.... so you designate what type of Battery and Battery Buss Voltage, and then hook up the Panels in whatever arrangement you want, as long as they do NOT exceed the 150 Vdc Input Rating of the MX60, and you don't exceed the 60 Amp Input as well.... That is just off the top of my head... but I believe I am correct...
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    Hello Bruce. Thanks for the imput, but what I am trying to find out, can I hook up the batteries , which are right now 12 volt to the controller, without setting it somehow ? I have never done cross connecting before. I have always had everything in 12 volt or 24 volt etc. Never mixed and matched. Don't want to fry anything hooking up the batteries to the controller. It may be set for another voltage as I picked it up on the cheap used. Not knowing what voltage it was set for before.
  5. BTPost

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    The Controller on the Front of the MX60 should allow you to setup the Battery Setups.... It is in the MX60 manual I believe....
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