25% Off All MH Cans, From Oct. 2-15 Only (Free Shipping++)

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    From October 2-15 Only ...

    A two-week sale on all our Mountain House can listings. Not just a little sale, but a 25% OFF sale!​

    Our listings will reflect the sale price by tomorrow ... both in our buyers club store and in our eBay store ... for buyers club members and non-members alike!​

    As always shipping is FREE to the lower 48.​

    Remember, you have the option of interest-free financing if you make an 8-case package or 35-case package purchase in our eBay store. You must apply for the eBay credit card there to get that deal. If that credit card offer is not something you want, we ask that you make your purchase in our buyers club store (membership not required for these sale prices).​

    Members Are Issued High-Value Vouchers for Volume Purchases!

    As always, membership does have its privileges. Buy ANY 8-cases of Mountain House cans and receive a $120 Safecastle voucher good for a subsequent purchase of anything in our store (other than Mountain House cans).​

    Buy any 35 cases of Mountain House cans and receive a $500 voucher! (Same terms as above.)​

    Yes, you can use any or all of these offers together as a member. That's quite a deal.​

    The 25% off is good only till Oct. 15, so don't delay. ​

    MH is the world's premier storage food, good for 30 years! At today's prices! Lock it up--it's money in the bank.​

    Stay safe (and invest your money wisely)!​

    BTW--Mountain House is right on top of their orders at the moment. They will ship your food fresh directly to you and you'll have it within two to three weeks.​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. enough

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    Re: 25% Off All MH Cans, From Oct. 2-15 Only (Free Shipping+

    FYI, I placed my order on the 2nd or 3rd and received it yesterday. SO it looks like the shipments are running about 10 days. Better than I expected!

    Thank you.
  3. melbo

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    Re: 25% Off All MH Cans, From Oct. 2-15 Only (Free Shipping+

    With the prices going up, it's hardly the deal I got 3 years ago - 2 years ago - and even this spring - it's the best around. If you have been sitting on the fence about food storage, this is the time folks... These cans last for 30 years.

    I sit on a few yrs worth for my family.
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