25%-Off MH Cans Discount Ends 10/7; Free Ghee, Butter, Firebox Incentives Pkg in Effect!

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    Member Rewards Certificates of $20 per every 3 MH Can Cases plus Incentives including Firebox Folding Stove, Case of Ghee, Case of Canned Butter!

    NOTE: The current 25%-off all Mountain House #10 can varieties ends Sunday night, 10/7. It is our last allotted MH full sale period of the year.

    The 25%-off discounts on ALL MH cans continues thru 10/7. The new Week 6 Repel the Chaos incentives offer is in effect thru Sunday, 10/7. Take advantage now of these max. MH discounts, that also qualify you for member Royalty Rewards gift certificates of $20 for every 3 MH can cases purchased. The additional Repel the Chaos incentives are detailed below (the Repel the Chaos prizes are achieved with member purchases of ANY Safecastle merchandise--not just MH food--they are automatically added to your shipments with a qualified order).

    Only at Safecastle, through the end of the year, "Repel the Chaos"...

    Every week we are offering generous new buyers-club-member purchase incentives, so be sure to check in weekly to make sure you don't miss some excellent opportunities.

    The Week #6 incentive offer is a nice food-prep complement, coinciding with the end of the LAST Maximum Mountain House Sale of 2012 ...

    WORTH NOTING AGAIN: The purchase levels below are for any member purchase in our store--not just Mountain House food.

    From Oct. 1-7 only (Eastern time) ... Collect all three of these incentives! ...

    1. Members who make a purchase totaling least $750 earn a Firebox Folding Stove with 2 ReadyFuel Packets.

    2. Make a purchase of at least $1450 and receive a the Firebox AND a free case of Ghee.

    3. A purchase of $2100 or more gets you the Firebox, Ghee AND a case of Red Feather Butter!

    -- Best of all, thru Sunday, October 7, we are discounting all Mountain House can cases at 25% and MH Strawberries at 33%!

    For more on the Repel the Chaos prizes, monthly drawings and these incentives, see the details.

    Oh--and we did have a winner for the September Repel the Chaos prize drawing. Congrats to Barbara D.--the lucky winner of a new 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator!

    And congratulations too to our September Facebook drawing winner of a free MH Essentials Food Bucket--Allyn M.!
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    Get a free Firebox with any member order of at least $750.
  3. JC Refuge

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    Get the Firebox AND a case of Ghee free with any member order of at least $1450.
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