26 outlaw bikers crash on Oregon freeway

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Conagher, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Conagher

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    26 outlaw bikers crash on Oregon freeway

    Report: 2 gang members are seriously injured in collision on Interstate 5

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    WILSONVILLE, Ore. - More than two dozen motorcycles crashed on a freeway in Oregon on Friday, blocking traffic for hours, police said.
    Oregon State <NOBR style="COLOR: darkgreen; FONT-SIZE: 100%; FONT-WEIGHT: normal" id=itxt_nobr_1_0>Police[​IMG]</NOBR> said the bikers were behind a car when traffic unexpectedly slowed in the northbound lanes on Interstate 5.

    The collision sent bikes scattering across the road, near Wilsonville, south of Portland.
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    Lt. Mike Towner, of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, said emergency crews arrived at the scene to find “ordered mayhem.”

    The Oregonian reported that two bikers with critical injuries were flown to Portland hospitals by helicopter. The newspaper said the incident, which involved 26 bikers, backed up traffic for about 7 miles.

    Rescue personnel said seven other people were treated for shoulder and hip injuries and broken bones.

    Most of the victims belonged to the Brother Speed motorcycle club, officials said. The Oregonian reported that the group is identified by the state's Department of <NOBR style="COLOR: darkgreen; FONT-SIZE: 100%; FONT-WEIGHT: normal" id=itxt_nobr_6_0>Justice[​IMG]</NOBR> as an outlaw biker gang.

    The freeway reopened about 6 p.m., nearly four hours after the accident.
  2. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    I hear they were following a bit too close to an SUV. It stopped rather suddenly and then it was like dominoes. Certainly screwed up the freeway (and everything around it) for a while.

    :rolleyes:Outlaws, shmoutlaws. An accident's an accident, we all bleed the same. I think that was an unnecessary addition to the reporting of this story.
  3. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Agree. That they are identified as an "outlaw" gang does not excuse the perjorative use of the word. However, for that many to go down at once indicates to me that they were entirely too closely bunched for safe riding. This from a rider that has been deliberately run off the road by cagers that don't admit that there are riders that don't raise Cain. If I had not been in the bushes, I think I might have caught up with one of them and spoken in a fashion he would remember. With a wrench, that is.

    Can't help wondering why the SUV needed to hit his brakes --.
  4. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    It was traffic. Regular, drivin' too close cuz ya wanna get home, Friday afternoon traffic.
  5. Hess

    Hess Monkey++

    That's why I ride alone, pay attention, and try to keep open space around me when possible.
  6. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    It was brother Speed MC
    I know a quite a few of those guys from that MC in Portland they used to work with me and they pride themselves on chopper's they build and riding fast.
  7. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Retired Curmudgeonly IT Monkey Founding Member

    Riding too close will get us eventually. I went down a few months back, on wet pavement, when a very stupid lady STOPPED just after having gone through an intersection - no reason I could see. I had two choices - either hit the dumb broad and leave a 'lasting impression' on her car ( and serious legal problems if she had no insurance, provided I survived), or lay it down and take my lumps. I ate an asphalt lunch that day. Bike was bent in a few places, and had I not been wearing an armored jacket, I would have broken my right arm. The elbow still gets a twinge in bad weather. I hate arthritis......

    Gotta give the cages plenty of room to be stupid.
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