27 Signs We May Be On The Brink

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    As many of you may, or may not know, I am a regular contributor to a (as I put it) "Secondary" (as opposed to "Alternative") news site/radio program. I also participate in other ways, and have read some seriously well written articles to cross that site (we are also looking for article contibutors HINT). The one I am posting below, written by a good friend, and one of the editors of the site, Topher Morrison, encapsulates many of the things we should (and most likely do) keep our eyes on.

    Mind, most times it is articles like these, which are not written for the "aware" or "awake" they are written for the "sheeple", can rouse someone to some higher level of awareness. I am sharing this here, with my monkey family, so that you may have it to share, or distribute information as needed, with those around you. Articles like these are those that help folks to learn how to see past the "camouflage" that the Powers that Be have so successfully used to blind average folks to what is really happening. As any prior mil, particularly infantry, can attest, it takes dedicated training of the mind to actually "see" camouflage or camouflaged items. Once you have learned to spot the decpetion, your mind automatically sees the "fake". You may not see what lies beneath, but with time, experience, and training, you learn to discern details. Awake and aware folks are this way. We have actually retrained our minds to see past the "camouflage" and spot the shams and cover ups. It becomes instinctual - we literally can "smell a rat" and most of us "ferret it out" quickly. Without further ado - the article:

    27 Signs We May Be On The Brink

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    No worries DKR, there are NONE in Alaska.... We are just not part of the FEMA equation......:rolleyes:
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    I saw a few show's a while back that Jesse Ventura did- "Conspiracy Theory". One of them was specifically about these FEMA centers- tied together with Fusion Centers that are essentially command and control regionally for the US in the event of..... let's say- extreme discourse nationally. Not to say it was legitimate in what he was saying, but very thought provoking.

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    DKR click here for "Fusion Centers".

    Regardless of what you deem "inflammatory" in an article, there is solid, well researched information, that cannot be refuted in that article. Period. This is not tinfoil hat lounge stuff by a long shot. These are real, actual things, whether you believe in them or not. Hell, most humans living in Europe in the 1500's swore the Earth was flat and the center of the universe, and anyone who said different was burned at the stake as a witch, or a heretic.

    I was offering it here for the consumption of those who may be interested in sharing it with others, not for anyone's literary critique. While you are free to dissent about anything I post, please be sure that you understand things like the particulars of the most recent NDAA (like indefinite detention of Americans with no trial) were conspiracy theories just a few short years ago. It would not hurt you to do your own research into anything you deem "doubtful". However, since you have dismissed the existence of FEMA camps out of hand, I would recommend you read the following FEMA.GOV page, and particularly the PDF documents (Unit 6 ICS Facilities) that I link below:



    These documents have been out there since 2005.

    First, I’d like you to notice the PDF which is actually entitled "Incident Facilities", they claim in this training that “camps” are temporary facilities and may not be required. I feel that they do this to condition the police that camps are perfectly normal and may be necessary–so that we won’t hesitate to place people in camps upon command. You may feel otherwise. However, I would like to point out the Katrina evacuees that lived in FEMA camps for 2 years after Katrina, and had to be kicked out. Ostensibly because they had their freedom, they had no desire to leave.

    Secondly, I’d like you to notice page 6 which mysteriously states “some incidents may require facilities not included on the standard list”. The use of the word “facilities” would lead me to believe that some of these locations are already in place and are permanent in nature. But then you have to ask: what kind of facilities are important enough to already have in place, but too secretive to not name specifically in your training program?

    So do I need photos of these camps to convince me they exist? No. The fact that FEMA is aligned and ready with training programs on how these things will be run tells me simply that "camps" may not be labeled such at this time. Instead they may be say, an Immigration Detention Center, or even minimum security prison facility, hell even a decommissioned military based. All of these can easily be re-purposed, staffed and run within a very short span of time, based on my logistics background, say 3-5 days. Sooner if they have equipment, materials, supplies in place and working utilities already.

    As for Alaska and Hawaii, they are not part of the Continental States, and I have yet to find a single reference to what or how those areas would be handled by the Government. Simply put, their remote location, the logistics involved and the net gain versus cost very possibly is not workable in a large scale (national) lock down/martial law scenario.

    And, Bruce, with all due respect, you know I am not a tinfoil lounge resident, I research what I read. If I can debunk it, I would NOT share it. I am, if nothing, respectful of others viewpoints. It helps when the mods are too. If I violated any Monkey Policy, then sure, feel free to have at me. I truly expected more, my friend. This: :rolleyes:, while it may have seemed funny to you, was a wee bit offensive to me. I do my research.

    Just Sayin' YMMV.
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    Good details and links Falcon. I had heard some of this but had not done much research. This needs to be followed closely as this could be the next phase of government control...internment!!!
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    That same statement has been regurgitated numerous times in a lot of articles authored by Conspiracy Theorist.

    The current US population is 313,884,810, it will take a hell of a lot more than 800 prisons-like FEMA encampment centers to house that many people. FEMA has quite the daunting task and better start building a lot more facilities if they are going to house every US citizen.
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    I can't seem to find the list of references for that article. Where is it located?
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    You do not need to lock up everybody in the country. Only the ones that do not agree with the government, belong to the wrong groups or party, or in general appear to be a threat. Which one you are part of- is not a choice you will be making. There will be a committee that decides your fate- freedom, internment or death. Re-education camps are just that, if you can't be educated to toe the line- you will be dealt with.
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    A lot of these facilities are labeled ICE detention facilities. The interesting part on some of these properties is the expansive fenced in property that could be made into secure tent cites quite easily.
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    Any facility near SquareBanks, AK that can House 2 million folks would stick out like a very RED SORE THUMB, and you couldn't hide if from the folks that live there. I mean REALLY, that kind of facility would be just stupid, to have built. It would take Millions of Dollars of Power just to HEAT and Light such a facility, and there just isn't the Electrical Infrastructure, ANYWHERE near SquareBanks, to provide for that kind of place. You aren't going to just fence some open ground in, and put those Millions of folks in tents, especially in the winter time. Think about it.... -60F.... I mean, DUH.... Whoever wrote that, was smok'en some really far out stuff, and has NEVER been anywhere NEAR there, EVER.... Get Real...... PURE BS.....
  15. ColtCarbine

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    I enjoy a good Conspiracy Theory from time to time and some are plausible, as mentioned in the link you provided. However, the above statements are absolute BS.

    There is no way that 800 prisons-like FEMA camps are capable of holding literally every US citizen. With a population in the US of over 310 million that comes out to 387,000 prisoners per prison. Really, how would they hide such a facility much less justify the existence of such facilities being empty awaiting to fill the beds.

    What they are referring to as FEMA camps in my home state (Oregon) are actual prisons (State and Federal) in use, which are currently almost filled to capacity.

    Here's what my research comes up with in relation to the so-called FEMA Camps (prisons). It is not hard to refute these two statements at all. Yes, it is Tinfoil Hat material and absolute BS.

    Unfortunately, I was hoping the FEMA Camp in Anchorage was true, as it might have been the only way I would get to visit Alaska again. Perhaps some folks might want to do some better research before believing everything they read.

    Quoted from the above linked website (thetruthseeker.com), this same info has been on many websites. They apparently have not updated this information for quite sometime. Just because these yahoo's mention facilities is hardly proof they will or are going to be used by FEMA as a re-education camp. Bed spaces are being filled almost as fast as they are built here. Some people have an over active imagination and/or are quite paranoid. I have a very open mind but some things mentioned are a far stretch.

    I would like to see the proof that the WWII Interment Camp is going to be renovated, never any mention of it here locally.

    The new prison in Umatilla (Two Rivers Correctional Facility) mentioned above opened in 2000. It's prison population is close to capacity.


    Budgeted capacity: 1802
    Inmate count on 3/16/2010: 1725

    Lastly, the Federal Prison in Sheridan, Oregon has a capacity of approx. 2000 beds and currently has a population of a 1753 prisoners. This is Oregon's only Federal Prison and almost filled to capacity also.

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    Sorry, Colt, I did NOT provide that Link. I provided links to the FEMA Documentation. That link was provided by another poster. Again, I want it very clearly understood here - I do not need to see anything more than official training documentation to know that these places not only exist, but other places can be re-purposed to the ends so described. Additionally, the original post was not intended to do anything more than share information. While I am happy that you spend what must have been a lot of your valuable time refuting an article I did not even post, I would appreciate it if the comments were not directed at me, but at the person who posted the article.

    I will again be very specific and clear on my stance, you can take it and/or leave it, your choice. As of this post I am done with this subject.
    Please do me at least the courtesy of reading it.
    As for one simple statement, literally being able to imprison the entire populace of the US, I do not agree with that statement. That would not be humanly possible. You would not have to imprison the entire populace. Only those that needed to be placed under "control" or take out of the equation until they could be dealt with adequately. However, I do not refute the facts as presented regarding legislation, the existence of FEMA camps etc. et al.
    Being a free country, at least still, anyone can choose to not look at the article, or disregard it completely. However, this lack of even bothering to read my only 2 previous posts on this thread, or being able to attribute a post to me correctly (instead, attributing a post by another to me), makes me wonder about motivations of the individuals involved in this little to-do, to say the least.
    I addressed DKR's post to my satisfaction. I am done with this subject.
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    Falcon what I quoted in regards to you was from the link you provided. The other quote was from the other poster which I forgot to add his name in there. I will edit that in right now.

    ETA: I am not refuted all the info, as some is very plausible. Only time will tell if all the legislation passed over the years is used against citizens.
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    Question, is the GreenWave looking for BALANCED articles or slanted? I ask this because where it is asking for contributors it is looking for people to write about "Economic Collapse" instead of "Economics" and "Police State, Big Brother" rather than "Government". I know that there are plenty of news sites like this from all perspectives and I understand that they serve their masters purpose. However, I have written and edited in the past with a fairly large staff. I know that working with people from various backgrounds and differing viewpoints made our publication stronger. Obviously, I think there are merits to looking at things from all sides. Because of this I read CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, ZeroHedge, FoxNews, Reuters, Vatican.va, WSJ, FundFire, CIO Insider....and many other conflicting view points as I feel doing so helps me weed out the BS.

    I am by no means trying to claim I am an expert, but if someone like me questions a news sources credibility when most of the material is slanted towards one paradigm it makes me think that others would do so as well. So to sum it up, I would feel more comfortable if they simply wanted people to report on Politics, Economics, and Government. Rather than "Economic Collapse", "Police State", and "Big Brother".
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    I agree with you on most points. I posted the link for a reply to a question about information. I am skeptical of the information on FEMA camps and will leave it at that.
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    There are a few of things that you should be able to add up to see what's coming:
    • FEMA buys lots of body bags
    • DHS buys millions of rounds of ammo
    • National guard/police agencies/military doing joint exercises on "crowd control"
    • .gov buying up long-term storage food (gotta feed the troops after you kill/detain all the farmers)
    It's not a great leap to add those things up. That result is for people who cannot be detained. 2nd Amendment fans are going to be killed.

    For just the vocal opposition...detention facilities:

    You know something smells bad if Rachel Maddow is complaining about it.
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