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    Thank you for your Recall Activation of your XD-S™

    Thank you MR XXXXX, for entering your XD-S™ (serial number XSXXXXX) in our recall program. You will be receiving an email momentarily confirming your recall activation.

    Please safely and properly unload your XD-S™ pistol and properly clean it before returning.

    Refer to your XD-S™ Manual for proper instructions.

    Please do not send us the magazines or accessories that go with your XD-S™ pistol.

    Do Not Use a FedEx Drop Box! FedEx cannot ship firearms left in drop boxes, so your return must be taken to a staffed FedEx location for shipment.
    Please go to www.fedex.com to find your local Fedex location.
    When we ship your pistol back to you, an adult signature will be needed.

    If you need assistance, please call 1-800-680-6866.

    We are sorry about the inconvenience; your safety is our utmost concern. We will return your firearm as quickly as possible.
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    Not to gloat (yeah, right! :rolleyes: ), but as an owner of one of those "dangerous" Glocks, that don't have an external safety, this sort of tickles me. Most of the Glock haters out there whine about two things: lack of a safety (misunderstanding of the excellent internal safeties in a Glock), and "Oh, yuck! It's so plastic-ky!!" LOL

    Also laughing a bit about their "an adult signature will be needed" line. My Fedex guy doesn't really care what the package says, he still leaves it on my doorstep! [winkthumb]
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    I will guess that this has to do with the disconnector and the slide location.
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    Post below from Defensive Carry.com matches what I found so I'll just """ it.

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    I disassembled and found these damaged/worn areas that don't appear to be nominally designed part wear. All of them point to related components that point toward the failure with the light strike. How they exactly relate, I'm not sure completely, but a few relationships between the parts makes sense.​

    The damage on mine is in the recoil assembly's flange that seats on the notch in the barrel, like the barrel link on a 1911. The flange is being shaven off on the edges; I mic'd the flange thickness from .039" (where I can't hardly find any virgin material) to .052" where the largest burr is. The diameter, because of the material shaved off on the edges, ranges from about .500"-.505" due to the distortion of the flange diameter.​

    Another image is the striker pin itself, where there is a chunk taken out of the lower part of the disconnector/stop. That is the 'button' under the slide that allows the striker pin to travel forward into the primer. Otherwise, it blocks the striker (as in the case of dropping the gun in the muzzle) as a safety.​

    The other image shows the middle round (still live) with the off-center striker hit (also a very light hit), and two fired rounds with a well-centered striker hit (a nice, deep primer dent), and the most off-center striker hit in the batch of brass I recovered and analyzed.​

    My best guess for now is that the recoil assembly has a problem with the steel temper, which I reported and sent photos to Springfield about. If the steel shears there, it takes some of the energy away from the recoil assembly, among other issues that aren't part of the design. I will contact Springfield, first, before I start stoning any parts to remove burrs. I wanted the full burrs on there to show them the trouble spots produced by the gun's own parts, rather than my machine-work."​
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