3 city states rule the world

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    This is an old conspiracy theory documentary that seems pretty accurate. Its funny how the more time goes by the less conspiracy theory they seem and more conspiracy fact they start seeming.

    and here is the full length documentary for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

    The long and the short of this is that the Vatican, London, and Washington are all owned by 13 families that have created these 3 city/states in order to rule the world.
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    That is an old conspiracy theory. Just because it happens to be true (and you can go to your local library and look it all up) has nothing to do with it. Next you will be claiming we can not tax the slaves to prosperity, the gov't taking everything you got and giving you what they want you to have is wrong and then this will just be another nut case thread. Sort of like going to Wiki and becoming an instant expert.
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    So far have only watched the first video. Working on the other. If the Vatican has it's own jail I wonder who is in it? The pedo priests weren't extradited. The Catholic wealth angers me. I use a regular church goer and I miss the church but I do not miss Father XXX stand there telling us that Catholics are not the most charitable.

    Some of those families she was naming I had never heard of.
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    I think that you'll find that there are one horse towns in many parts of the USA that have a larger, more commodious jail than the Vatican city. Four 12'x12' holding cells hardly qualifies as a jail by most standards. A primer on the Vatican’s system of crime and punishment | Crux

    RC clerics are a protected species, and if the Holy Roman Church has anything to do with it, it will place child abusing priests beyond the clutches of the secular laws of any secular jurisdiction. Treating child sexual abuse as a moral sin, rather than as a criminal act by the abuser is but one of the many ways the church weasels its way out of doing anything meaningful about preventing child sexual abuse, or indeed punishing it when it is proven, even beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I have just watched today, the motion picture film called "Spotlight" which illustrates at some length, the depth and breadth of the problem.


    Journalists who broke church sex abuse scandal could not have foreseen the impact - The Boston Globe

    As to the 3 city states conspiracy theory? Am 99.99% repeating confident that it is just another conspiracy theory I used to know.
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    The 13 colonies had to honor ALL treaties and other agreements that had been entered into BEFORE the Revolutionary War, INCLUDING that the King of England (the Crown) and the Pope "owns" the US. Go to any decent library and you can look it up for yourself. I have posted this info on survivalmonkey before, all you got to do is go look it up.

    As to the Pope, try looking at the Magdalene work houses in Ireland (there was a movie about it not long ago, called the "Magdalene House" - something like that, but I never heard about it other than it had a big name cast and was being filmed. Last I heard of it, naturally.

    60 Minutes (years ago) did a report on Magdalene work houses (now outlawed in Ireland, wink-wink, nudge-nudge). Kidnapping girls off the street, chaining them to wash tubs/basins and forcing them to work for 12 hours a day. The only way out, other than death, was for a family member to go get you, but while you were at the front door the nuns hustled the girl out the back. The guy 60 Minutes talked to had this happen to him a number of times and finally had a group of friends behind the Magdalene work house waiting and they saved his sister when the nuns hauled her out the back door.

    Then the nuns offered to "pay" her for her years of work after being chained up to the wash tub, to the bed, to the what ever, for YEARS, and it was pocket change, something like 'oh, hey, I got two pounds with me, how's that?' followed by "You got to pay for your room and board you know." Yes, that was an actual statement by the nun! Hey, it was her own fault for being kidnapped, beaten, starved, and held prisoner! That costs money after all! Kidnapping someone to scrub the blood from the rear of an alter boy's pants isn't free you know! Because after all, they "deserved what they got"! Yes, another quote from a nun. The "crime" of walking down the street!The horror!

    60 Minutes tried to talk to other women who had been kidnapped as girls and had been chained up for 40-50 years but they were so traumatized from the beatings (if they didn't "pray hard enough" they were beaten and starved) and years of never seeing anyone else or allowed to talk, they were basically vegetables.

    A couple years ago it was fairly widely reported that after a company bought a field where a Magdalene house had been and when they dug it up they found a septic tank where new born babies and children up to nine years old were thrown in and buried, usually alive after the priest raped the women and got them pregnant. The "lucky" older children had been starved to death before being buried, while the babies and younger children had been buried alive and crushed under the other babies and older children's bodies. Every one in town knew what had happened when it happened, but kept quiet (can you say "Nazi Germany"?). Better to let your sons be raped and let babies and children be buried alive than have your daughters disappear off the street and never be seen again.
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    This is the world we live in unless we have the fortitude to change it. It doesn't come down to a single action or a group of actions. It takes like minded people joining together and planning a way to over turn this for as far into the future as they possibly can. You want to know the one thing that scares any government more than anything else in the world? Organization. People who organize and make a difference end up dead. If you had a protest with a billion people and 100 of them wore matching outfits, the 100 matching people would be the target.

    Saw Spotlight. It was a good movie. Not enough credit.
  7. enloopious

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    I've spent a lot of time thinking about the collapse of our country and subsequently the rest of the world and it seems to me that there are more people ready to fight to get America back than ever before. I would even go so far as to say that with the extended communication that the internet affords us we are well above the 3% mark.

    That being said, the real issue at hand is leadership. There is no visible charismatic leader for actual freedom who makes sense out there. If we were to have a leader open the door like our own William Wallace or Guy Fawkes or Founding Fathers then other leaders would come out of the wood work. They need an example to mold themselves after. I think this is much closer to happening than we realize. Now that the soil is fertile for just such a leader to emerge, we only need for it to begin, and then it will sweep the country like wild fire. All of the conspiracy theorists, militias, sovereign Indians, Patriots, Hawaiians, government insiders, etc would band together for a real chance at freedom.

    The problem being of course that our govt also knows this and that is exactly what they are on high alert watching for. They know that the people need a leader and the leader is the only one they need to strike at to destroy the movement before it gets going so they watch everything. There are many people in recent history (30-50 years ago) who would have sparked a wild fire in today's US given the fertile landscape that we now enjoy but today it is much more dangerous to speak truth. I'll be watching.
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    I'm not sure such a person can exist. We could probably go down a quick list of our DO NOT COMPROMISE issues and before we got to ten, we'd find something we disagree about.
    I hear people complain Cruz is a commie in disguise. I personally have problems with the Pauls. We all agree the rest are bad. So we need a plan that doesn't depend on Superman showing up.
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