3 down;one in custody seals earn their pay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Tango3

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  2. Cephus

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    The Navy did a fine job.

    But now BHO wants all the credit so says the NYTimes !!!

    Well at least the Capt is safe and will back with his family must be a Happy Easter for them .
  3. Blackjack

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    Three shots, 3 kills, living hostage. Beautifully done!

    Cephus, I didn't hear anyone in the BHO administration taking credit for this. Can you post a link or something or tell me who it is?
  4. Cephus

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    Sorry Blackjack but I couldn't find it again ,I will do better next time.
    But the gist of it was that he had his first military victory or words to that effect ,now that sounds like he was trying to take credit to me.
  5. ghrit

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    The MSM made a point of zero's first military victory, and that he was not thumping his chest and pointing to himself as the mastermind. (Which, of course, he wasn't, I don't think he ordered the action, I think he granted permission.)

    I do not much care for his policies across the board, but this looks like maybe the big stick will speak rather than the big mouth. Gotta admit I like that.
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