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    If you become a supporting member of the Survival Monkey forum.

    for as little as 3 dollars per month you can feel proud that you are supporting our burgeoning community.

    As an extra bonus, I'll personally throw in a DVD chock full of all kinds of information in electronic format (PDF) for anyone that supports the forum with their annual or monthly recurring pledge.
    This is now a download in the Resources area: Site Supporters | Survival Monkey Forums

    What kind of information you ask?
    How about How-to's, Reference guides, recipes, farm tech, cooking, wind energy and more.

    Not enough? How about nearly 300 works of classic literature from authors like Aristotle, Austen, Balzac,Dante, Darwin, Dickens, Hawthorn, James, Orwell.

    Still not enough? Wow this is a demanding group.
    How about FoxFire volumes 1 through 6?
    How about over 100 Backwoods Home Articles?

    What? More you say?
    Ok then. How about some super applications for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

    The oh so important MonkeyNet so you can install it on your window machine and communicate with those in your network without fear of your communication being able to be read/deciphered.

    Stego, Hiding messages in plain sight inside of an image.
    Pre-Microsoft take over version of Skype.

    What? You think I have more? You bet I do,
    BitCoin Clients for windows,mac and linux
    TOR anonmyous internet vpn browser windows and linux and mac
    Foxit Reader (compact pdf reader)
    GPG (PGP email client) windows and mac
    Jitsi (similar to skype but secure)
    TrueCrypt (encrypt your hard drive or files and folders) windows linux mac
    TightVNC remote control for pc's on your network.
    and inSSIDer a network sniffer to see if someone is trying to access your network and helps you pinpoint it.

    Yep that's it.
    See the attached list for what's included.

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    You mean it won't slice,dice,and make Julian fries? The horror,the horror...
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    I'm sold. sign me up. oops I already did.

    did what? It wasn't me. I didn't do it ossifer. Heck I don't even know that Lady.

    Can sumbody point me in the direction of the potty? I gotta go
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  4. tacmotusn

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    couldn't find the potty.

    hope nobody had their umbrella in that big vase by the front door.

    this has been a pretty good party, and I would have gone outside,

    but that black and white out front with the lights a flashin stopped me right there.

    sorry bout the vase.......
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    Actually, in some of the cooking and homesteading reading available in this DVD.. you could "LEARN" how to do it! (it's the give / learn fish thingy ;))

    Ok maybe not the fries.

    I'm hoping everyone enjoys it as much as my 2011/2012 edition. I'm pretty sure that there isn't much in the way of overlap, if at all.
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