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    I don't necessarily agree with all this, but is makes interesting reading. There is a 1911 in the photo, but then he said he carries a Beretta 92. The 1911, with con kits for .22 LR, 9mm/.38 Super, .45 ACP is my choice. I also made a 7.62 Tokarev barrel (it works but needs work) for mine. Also there were .38 Spec wadcutter Gold Cups (factory guns) and con kits (the military simply turned the rim off .38 Spec to make the .38 AMU cartridge/gun). You CAN add a .40 S&W/10mm, but if you want one of those I recommend you BUY a 10mm and THEN add the rest. Also .38-45 and .400 Corbon barrels. I would like a bigger gun than the .223/5.56 too, but this will work if you like (and can own) the AR.

    3 Gun Set for Survival Security

    These are three highly recommended gun platforms to own for personal survival security.
    Posted September 15, 2015 in Shooting, Survival by Dr. John with 91 Comments

    After a harrowing night of driving back roads, dodging roving road blocks, and trying to negotiate through a couple of small towns crowded with wandering looters, you finally wake up in your bug out hideout. The reality shocks you awake. Hundreds of questions pop into your mind. The wife and kids add to the list. Are you safe and for how long?

    After years of prepping, you were finally able to buy a parcel of land in a sparsely populated rural area well away from the city where you worked and raised a family. Now in the midst of social upheaval and confrontations between local police, then National Guard with bused-in paid agitators, authorities have lost control. General mayhem is widespread.

    You scan the radio for news updates, but learn little. The family is settling in, but are nervous. It is time to venture out to patrol the parameters of your property to get any sense of prying eyes or trespassers. What guns do you take?

    You clocked plenty of hours of research, preparation, purchasing, and training for this day. You have assembled what you feel confident is the best 3-gun set of defensive firearms to protect yourself, family, supplies, and property integrity.

    The 3-gun set was simple. One each handgun, rifle, and shotgun. With limited resources, your decision was based partly on economy, but also on priorities to have each type of firearm available and with sufficient ammunition to support your choices. So, what did you pick?

    If this is me in this scenario, then for my basic SHTF pistol I’m packing a Beretta 92 in 9mm. It is a well-made, strong, accurate, and relatively easy to shoot handgun. I bought three extra high capacity magazines, but wish I had bought more. With a good nylon holster and belt, this is my prime sidearm for now.

    My rifle is an AR-15 clone decked out in a defensive style with a red-dot scope, and multiple accessories to make it comfortable to use and carry. I acquired ten Magpul magazines all fully loaded.

    My shotgun is a 12-gauge Remington 870 pump with multiple choke tubes and a compromise 26-inch barrel. I bought a case of buckshot and one of No.6 shot for hunting.

    Is this the perfect 3-gun set for survival security? It is as good as any given the limitations. The smart part is having one of each type firearm for multiple applications. What would you choose?

    Original article is found here: 3 Gun Set for Survival Security - AllOutdoor.com
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    I have done this what three to own conversation many times plus read it. Shot gun always is a yes. Hands down shot gun always makes the top three- must have. AR seems to always be there though some will swap it out for a .308. IMO this depends on whether the person is a seasoned hunter or not. Now comes the handgun. 9mm, 1911 or revolver. My opinion revolver wins but many will debate that. Best tool, lowest maintenance, most reliable- IMO revolver.
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  3. AxesAreBetter

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    Do I have to have a pistol? Does everyone in my party have this option, or are we all stuck with 3 weapons?
  4. Motomom34

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    I don't know if you have a pistol. Name the three you would have. What is your top three.
    What do you pick?
  5. AxesAreBetter

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    Shotgun? I'm partial to an 870 tactical, and also to a double barrel. And that is a hard call, but I would tactical 870 over a LOT of things. If I am not worried about the law coming to get me over barrel length or capacity, 870 all the way. If I am still worried about the law, totally the double barrel. I'd love to get my hands o n a12 gauge CZ Bobwhite. Drool. With a sling on it, and buck and ball sights.

    If money wasn't n issue, I'd like a .308. M1a Scout Squad configuration or a PTR 91K. I would consider adding a red dot or scope with removable rings, but upgrading the irons are going to be my primary concern. At least a chest rig for mags.

    Pistol? Hard when you only get one. A brace is better if I am being forced into combat with them. Ha. For me, it is going to be a .45LC or a .357 Magnum. I would prefer the .45LC, something along the lines of a Ruger Blackhawk. Learned the hard way why we updated to the safeties in those. I would like to get my hands on a Redhawk with the .45LC/.45ACP cylinder, so that I could reload with speed loaders or moon clips, plus the ammo compatibility? Never handled one though, so that it only a dream until I have. I'm also a fan of the S&W TRR8, and the Taurus 66, for .357.
  6. ghrit

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    I think the intent of Legion's thread is 3 for each, and no more than three. YMMV.
  7. Tikka

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    In shotguns, 870, 1100 or Ithaca 37. Some believe if your shooting a semi auto rifle then a semi auto shotgun is better. 12ga ammunition is very common.

    If I would be forced to fight with one, a semi auto pistol. With extra magazines, they are faster to reload and that is usually a major need.

    Rifles are a lot more complex with a lot more variables affecting the choice.
  8. Motomom34

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    See I always wonder how many have gotten into a fire fight and had to reload. Or have they had to defend- fire a few and get to safety. Wasn't it the Aurora shooter and the Sandy hook both had their semi-auto jam. Jamming during an emergency would not be good. So you either need to work quick and get it back to right or a revolver maybe the best option. Which is the most dependable?
  9. VisuTrac

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    3 guns only?
    Rem. 870
    Fin. M39 in 7.62x54R
    .357 wheel gun
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  10. BTPost

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    My 3 Weapon only, List would be:

    Winchester 1300 Stainless 12Ga Pump Shotty with extended Tube Mag.
    Winchester 1894 Rifle in 30-30
    Belgian Browning HiPower in 9mm

    Momma's 3 Weapon only, List would be:

    Remington 870 with 18.5" Slug Barrel & extended Tube Mag
    30M1 Carbine with 3-9X 40mm Scope
    Dan Wesson Stainless .357 Mag with 10" Barrel, fitted
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  11. Tikka

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    It would be a rare fire fight where one didn't have to reload.
    I don't know much about either of the shootings. A lot of jams are caused by not knowing how to load a magazine correctly.
    Jamming is not good; nor is slow to reload. A pistol or a revolver in a firefight would not be wise. Which is why they aren't issued anymore.
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  12. BTPost

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    Not if you are a "One Shot, One Kill" type of Shooter... Once you have cover, then it is a wait for the other Idiot to leave his Cover, and then you Blast Him back into the Stone Age....
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  13. Tikka

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    The other idiot... :LOL:
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  14. AxesAreBetter

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    You rock BT! I'd take his list if mine wasn't available. Haha. Or his wifes.

    I would take what I am comfortable with. Firefight covers a lot of ground, and shooting incident covers a lot more. And add in hunting, and I'll take my wheelgun any day. Been a lot of times in my life that I have owned an auto. And I want another one now, but it is more of a perceived tactical need than an actual one. Revolver will see you fine through most things.

    Gunfighting ain't what it used to be. My shooting style and fight mentality was formed in Western Gunfights, Injun fighting, and melee combat. Whole nother ballgame from that scoot and boot nonsense I've seen in a lot of places. Haha.
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  15. Tikka

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    As many want the role; snipers have one of the highest mortality rates in the military.

  16. Legion489

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    Well there are many countries that limit the number of what you can own. South Africa is/was one, limit five per person (or it was, no idea what is going on there now and of course everyone "owns"/has access to many guns). The HARDEST gun to own in Africa is the .22 however! Can't be used for big game - illegal for that use -, and the politicos fear being plinked. However if you hunt Africa it is common to tip your guide with a gun and if you happen to have a 10-22 with you, which IS fun to shoot small game with, and it doesn't make it back with you....

    Have all the guns BTPost lists, not a bad list. Not my list, the .357 w/4" barrel has more power than the .30 M1, which will be 60 some years old now (OK, except for all the commercial copies) and ammo is expensive.

    Not to disagree with Motomom (already got one PM today!), but the revolver is not the most reliable handgun. If it was, the politicos would demand the body guards (you do remember Teddy "Fatboy" Kennedy walking in to the Congress with his body guard armed with several illegal machineguns don't you? AND the charges were dropped, AND Teddy was a felon so he could not own a gun anyway) carry them or the military to use them to protect the scum in office. If you doubt me, just go to any national USPSA and/or IPSC match and watch the "revolver only" matches and see which handgun, revolver or auto, jams more. Revolvers are MUCH harder to clear a jam. If broken parts, you need special tools and they need hand fitting. Auto? I carry everything except a slide/receiver in the shooting bag and can be back shooting in 10 minutes.

    Yes, OK, they are the easiest for the non-gun person to use, just point and click. No safeties (yes I know there are the "lemon squeezers" and a few others, let's not get off target here, OK?), no mags to load, no slide flying around, no mag spring to go bad, etc.
  17. BTPost

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    30M1 Carbine is Not any more expensive than .357 Mag JHP .... When you buy full cases, direct from the OEM, like I do... I am still working on a 1000rd Case I bought a decade ago, for both....
  18. ghrit

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    Now there's a bet I'd lose.
  19. Legion489

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    Go look up the ammo catalogs with velocity and FPE listed and see what they have to say. Off the muzzle and at 100 yards, yes the .357 w/4" barrel has MORE energy. This is not rocket science (and if you don't quit giving me guff about my day job I'll drop one on you!). It can be looked up at your local library or on the net. In fact I ENCOURAGE people to go to their local library! CHECK what I have to say! THEN debate it with me! I would agree with a LOT more people if they said "I don't think" and then stopped.

    However, if someone likes a gun, shoots it well and has lots of ammo, MORE POWER TO THEM I say! The world would be a less fun place if everyone agreed with me. Safer, saner, happier and better, but less fun.
  20. AxesAreBetter

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    Not by ballistic charts, and testing. .30 Carbine takes that cake.
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