3 trillion trees world wide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ganado, Sep 4, 2015.

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    Report closed.
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    You realize if you cut and sold every tree for $6.00 it would not be enough to pay our national debt.
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    The scientist need to check in at the Forestry Section of the Crop Insurance Folks.

    Link for crops NASA - Landsat Satellites Find the 'Sweet Spot' for Crops but I do know that soft wear is used to for counting trees http://landsat.gsfc.nasa.gov/pdf_archive/LIL-7-Forest-Final4.pdf as well as crop production. In this a selected wave length is used and Sat photos are the source of information.

    How did I learn about this? Seems a local claimed crop insurance loss> Ins Co checked archived photos and found he never planted the "Insured Crop".
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    @HK_User it seemed a bit low to me too but my point was there are 1/6 the amount of trees as there is the national debt.

    FYI. . yes FSA uses satellite images going back 50 years to fine people for 'sod busting'
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    And here I thought you wanted the US to cut down all those extra trees and print more Money.

    Just like the Saturday morning Toons of my youth all smoke and mirrors with Willy Obama chasing his tail!

    Consider it another sideways thread drift.
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    Lol sideways is good. Makes for interesting discussions
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    In "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the Earth was deforested after bureaucrats decided to use leaves as money. At the time it was humorous sarcasm that even the then current bureaucrats thought was funny; Today it would be and probably is being seriously considered. If we keep printing money at the current rates leaves will eventually be worth more than dollars.
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    Fixed the Dupe issue... Now we need to fix the "Thread Creap".....

    Fixed spelling error.... Again....
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    Who's a thread creep?:eek: that wasn't very nice, BT. Who did you have in mind?[feedmods]
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    @kellory.... My post, now shows up, out of sequence, due to a Merge Error, on my part.... There were a TON of Deleted Posts to this thread, early on, that had nothing to do with the Original Post. In cleaning up theThread, They were deleted, and in the final Merge, that I did yesterday, I got the wrong Poster ID, and then fixed it, but that put My Post, at the end of the Thread, instead of right after Ghrit's Post.... Issue Resolved....
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    It sounded like you were calling somebody a deviant......:rolleyes:
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    Well by lib standards the whole bunch of us are.
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    Yes that's fine. But when you deviate from a deviant you've either gone wacko or mainstream, and them's fightin words...:lol:[YD]
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    Where I live, most trees grow like weeds. That study must have been made with the Sahara as a model!
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