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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Mar 6, 2015.

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    It's 34 degrees F outside and spritzing snow. I fired up my gas grill, warmed it up and put on a smoke box with applewood and hickory chips. Then I put on my overnight mustard/Tony Chachere/pickled peach marinated 5 lb brisket flat. Now, the grill is at 295 F and the meat is up to 82 F. I'm running a fine line between getting the grill hot enough to make smoke but cool enough for "low and slow" cooking. I may have to dump the smoker box chips directly on the grate. Grill is a Char Broil True Infrared. It has worked great on ribs, chicken and steaks in the recent past. :)

    Also started my first run in my new (to me) $8 Salton YM9 yogurt maker. Picked that up on the way back from Sweetie's angioplasty last Monday at a thrift shop. One of my better finds. :)

    Give everybody another 8 or 9 hours and should be a feast.

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    Very nice TX!! I did a bunch of BBQ chicken last weekend.
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    Dang ! My grill and smoker sit beneath a six foot snow drift.
    I'd start digging but I'm not really sure if its the right spot. [tongue]
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    Ahhh we had a Sutherlands Lumber store in our town close, you may have them in TX. They had several "Englander" pellet grills/smokers, at $1200 you really had to want to smoke, I got one of the last ones at 40% off, it came with a 20# bag of hickory, and I then ordered more hickory, apple, mesquite, and I think cherry. No fuss, no muss, turn it on, set the temp, pellet hopper holds about 15#, and go watch some sports, we did a 15# turkey for Thanksgiving, excellent. Now I've discovered they carry the different wood pellets in the local Tractor/Ranch supply stores. A guy at the Farmers Market is selling goat, thinking I need to pick up a roast, another lady I used to work with is selling Yak or Emu meat
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    at 250F ..... that meat will be done or more than done right now! !! check it
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    I saw those at Sam's club here a couple months ago.They had one set up and running, giving away samples. The way it was smelling I'd bet they sold more than a few;)
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    Any pictures of this masterpiece?
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    OK, it's 7:36 in da evening now. Time for an update. :) Melbo, no pics....it looks like every other pic of a finished brisket. :)

    First off, the temps got up to low 60's today. When I went out to check the progress on the brisket about 10 AM the first thing I noticed was this weird hum coming from the 3 yr old plum tree right outside the door. I looked up and not only was the tree still covered in flowers, the flowers were covered with bees! There must have been a hundred at least! WOOHOO! I figured the 23-25 degrees nights last week had done it in since it was budding out, but nope.

    So I check the brisket, it's doing fine. Temp in grill about 300, brisket temp climbing slowly but surely. At about 3, it was up to 205, soI took it off, wrapped it in foil, wrapped that in towels and put into an insulated cooler for 2 hours. After the 2 hours, still a bit tough. Soooo, I put on a couple of different sauces and a good amount of Franks Hot Wing Sauce, wrapped in foil again and into a 250 oven for 2 more hours. While it was finishing off, I whipped up side dishes of potato salad, deviled eggs and bbq baked beans. I took the brisket out, let it rest for about an hour, then went and sliced it.

    To mix metaphors, even a blind hog hits it out of the park once in a while! WOWZAZZZ!!

    This is without a doubt, in the top 3 dishes/meals I have EVER fixed!!!!! Sweetie said "DON'T MESS WITH THIS RECIPE!!!" and had "the look" in her eyes that said I'm done with new brisket recipes. :eek:

    I took the yogurt out of the yogurt maker about 7:30. It jiggled nicely, tasted a tad tart, so it's in the fridge now cooling off. Tomorrow when it is done firming up, I'll mix it with the strawberries, raspberries and blackberries I got for it. Not all together, of course, I'll portion it out and do separate portions.

    Anywho, tonight, we feasted! :)

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  11. Yard Dart

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    Stop the Insanity: BBQ pitmasters told to take down American flags | Fox News

    Bunch of B.S. More political correctness crap happening everyday!!! [reddevil]
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    Glad you checked the brisket after about 3 hours. I sure sounded like you planned on 8-9hrs at some thing as high as but hopefully less than 295F. I knew that would be way too long. Happy eating. Don't forget to write it down just like you did it so you can duplicate the results next time. You have to keep your honey happy.
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