37 MILLION Bees Dead in Ont Canada

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    Millions of honeybees found dead in Canada

    He and many others are pointing to insecticides called neonicotinoids, used in planting corn and some other crops. "Once the corn started to get planted [in Elmwood] our bees died by the millions," Schuit said.
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    Check for connections to GMO Monsanto seed. Maybe you can actually influence your legislators to ban Monsanto GMO seed. Ours are all bought and paid for except for a handful of ones with no credible following.
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    I'm in this crowd.

    And...our politicians are just as bad as yours....and even more secretive.
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    GMO? shouldn't that read "Oh My God " OMG? A growth company that kills? They got it backwards!
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    MG, I didn't see anyone in that crowd wearing tinfoil but I did spot a guy wearing a rooster head.

    Thanks for the report on this. Didn't WA have a massive bee die off also. I am unsure if this really happened because it is on RT but Oregon had a bee die off.

    50,000 dead Oregon bees to be honored in memorial service — RT USA
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    I'm the hillbilly with the big dog off it's leash.
    Sign says "GMO BITES. Dog Doesn't."
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    He was the little girl leading it...
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    Vancouver Girls !!! are hard not to spot .
    MG is a dude , comes with a fishing pole :)

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