380 pistol vs Glock 26

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    hey guys!

    Casey here again, i had talked about my 3032 .32 beretta tomcat and the frame braking on it.. and of course this gun is about 5 months out of warranty.. from what i hear, beretta has offered very bad customer service about this issue.. anyone else had this problem?? well i have sent the gun back but im sure it will take a while to hear back from beretta.. i assume i will not get it replaced and they will offer me an inbox gun for $180 including the $70 inspection fee and shipping, which means i will have probably waist about $300 bucks in a gun i just paid $400 for.. meaning ill end up with a $700 .32 tomcat that may still crack or brake in the same place.. this just plain sucks.. i have lost faith in beretta and feel that a company of that size should stand behind there products.. which i hope they do with my gun.. but i dont have high hopes!!

    well, im a paraplegic and the tomcat was the perfect little gun for me to carry. i often just slid it under my leg while im in my wheelchair and there was no way to tell i had it.. but now, with it being broke im left with my S&W 38 spl. a little to big for me to just trow under my leg.. a little about my condition, i am paralyzed from the armpits down, so keep in mind i have no ab muscles i can use.. so if anyone was to try and take advantage of me i practice steading myself with my left hand while drawing the firearm with my right hand the firing.. i practice the point-in-shoot and draw, aim then shoot. and the tomcat was perfect! but not any more..

    so, im going tues to go look for a replacement.. im thinking about getting a 380 or glock 26 9mm.. so, any suggestions? i like my buddies taurus 380, same size but one less round.. but i have not got to fire it yet.. i also like the 380 S&W because im just so impressed with their guns.. but i like the reliability that comes with the glock name..

    does anyone own a 380 out there that is reliable? that will fit under your leg? also does anyone own a glock 26 and if so will it fit under your leg?? if i get a 380 i would like it to have a slide lock for a fast reload because its very possible ill fall over racking a gun.. honestly, im not joking, with no ads i have to steady myself with at least one of my hands.. i dont really live in a bad place but 2 homes have been broken into here in the last 2 years.. if someone sees my wheelchair ramp out there i may be an easy target in their eyes.. but i do keep my .38 spl. close while at home.. but in a panic i need something on my person to protect me, my dogs and my property! so im looking for advice from 380 gun owners and glock 26 gun owners.. plus, anyone else out there that may be a para that is in my same position.. any advise will be greatly appreciated!!!

    thanks again guys!
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    I've own a glock 26 and I love glock's I also own a Taurus PT140 It Is a good shooting very reliable holds 10 rounds comes factory 2 mags. I wanted something to mount in a fobus holster under the dash of my car and something I could depend on. This little Taurus has impressed me in every way plus it was about $220.00 cheaper than my glock. The Taurus PT comes in 9mm,40s&w,45ACP and a friend told me they just came out with a 380. My wife carries a Smith & Wesson 380 bodyguard and likes it because it's small and easy to carry with her. The down fall is it only holds 6 rounds and comes with 1 mag and a 2nd factory mag is around $50.00 and holster's are hard to find.
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    I have 2 Bersa thunders in 380 one has the standard 7 round and the other is the + which has 17 rounds. We bought these because my wife could not work the action on my 9mm.
    The smaller one would be a great weapon for your needs, it is small and real easy to use as well as very accurate and reasonably priced.
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    I just got a Sig P238 SAS .380. It even survived my lil torture test of 170 rounds of 3 kinds of ammo with only cooldown being while I reloaded the 6 round mag. Later found a Sig extended 7 round mag for it.
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    A Glock is a rather wide pistol. Even though it is compact overall, it is still the same width as a 17, 19, 22, or 23. I've owned a few of each at one time or another. The slide is only 1" wide, but the frame is actually a little over 1 1/8" wide at the framerail area just below the slide. I don't know, the comfort level is something only you will be able to determin. I could guess that it would be a bit nicer than the .38 spl. Also, the Glock is pretty much snag free, except for possibly the sights and greatly depending on what you are wearing.

    I would say ask someone that has one to let you shoot it so you can make a final, more informed decision. I should add, although the Glock is a VERY safe weapon, if the trigger is pulled it will fire. Even if it is not your finger on the weapon, but a bit of cloth from your pants? I would try to keep it in a thin, IWB or pocket style holster just so that doesn't happen. In any instance, you are the last one to make that decision. If you believe that to not be a problem, then so be it; you know far more about yourself than I do.

    As for a .380, I would recommend a Kahr P380. They are thin, made specifically for concealed carry, and are virtually snag-free. The triggers have a rather long pull to them, but they are light and very consistant. After a few hundred rounds you would be quite used to how it feels. The big problem will be the cost. The Kahr is quite expensive for a .380. Even a Walther PPK or PPK/S would be cheaper at around $400.

    Kahr also makes some wonderfull 9mm carry pistols with the same characteristics. Most of them are cheaper than the .380 (go figure!) and are thinner than a Glock. They are great carry pistols, and I have well over 2000 rounds through my K9. You have a choice between polymer or stainless steel frames. I've never fired a polymer Kahr, I always preferred to have a little weight to help compensate for the small stature of the psitol and keep it controllable for faster follow up shots.

    Another consideration would be from the Walther family of firearms. They are also made for concealed carry and are thin and snag-free. The big problem with them may be that they are double action pistols. You have the choice of carry with the hammer cocked (safety on) or not. It will all depend on what you are comfortable with, what you like or dislike, what you can physically manipulate, and what you are willing to put up with. The Walther PPS is another very nice, slim, 9mm pistol. Again, the price is going to be around $700.

    Sorry for the novel, but this is always a sticky question and cannot be answered easily. Some discussion should follow, as there are so many different gun makers out there, and so many different designs. Each one has it's own little niche.

    Wow, two more people posted in the time it took me to write this!

    As for the Bersa- Yes, they are nice little pistols for the money invested. They are just a tad larger than a Walther PPK/S and the safety and slide catch stick out further. That's all well and good if you need to manipulate them in a hurry, as the Walther requires you to rack the slide when changing a magazine. With the Bersa, you just have to push the slide release to chamber a round from the fresh magazine. The only problems with the Bersas that I've owned is that the slide release was machined from a brass alloy, and after extensive use one of them wore down enough to not hold the slide open anymore on an empty magazine. The other thing I encountered with the Bersa Thunderer is that it would spit back into your face quite a bit more unburned powder residue than the Walther PPK/S. This could be due to my handloads, though, only by test firing will you be able to see if that bothers you or not.

    The Sig P238 is a nice pistol. It is a direct copy and modernization of the original Colt Mustang .380 pistol. It will even use the same magazines as the Mustang, Colt factory or aftermarket. It is also the only .380 pistol that I wanted in my collection that I never was able to get. I had a Colt Govt. 380, although it is basically the same pistol (just longer) it just didn't trip my trigger... I knew of a Mustang for sale but the owner would not part with it. He would taunt me by leaving it in his gun shop's display case when he got a little low on consignment pistols. Talk about a tease! He still has it there to this day, and I bug him about it every time. Anyway, I am no longer a collector, having sold off almost all of my stuff to keep the ones that I can fix, keep running, have spares for, and pile up plenty of cheap magazines for- GLOCKs! Although I have broken my own rules and kept the Kahrs. Their functionallity and performance in the concealled carry area outperforms any of my Glocks.

    The only thing I didn't like about the Colt Govt. 380 was the plastic trigger. Has SIG fixed it by using a steel trigger? If not, Brownells and Midway USA sell drop-in replacement steel triggers for the Colt Pony, Mustang and Govt. If the pistol is truly a direct copy, they should fit right in.
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    Other real good pocket pistol's in 380 and 9mm are KelTech, AMT Backup if you are looking for a slim line pocket pistol. I've owned both and no problems, the only reason I didn't keep them is I have big hands and couldn't get comfortable with them. Another option with looking at the pocket 380 and 9mm most are 6 or 7 rounds a small 38 or 357mag could work with the same amount of rounds and more stoping power. Look at the hamerless and that does away with the worry of pocket snag.
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    I have, and carry regularly, a Ruger LCP. It is small, flat, and would slide easily under your leg. It is 6+1, is .380, and is a pretty easy shooter. The only drawback that I have noticed is the poor sights on it. That can be easily rectified with a tiny drop of white or neon paint on the front ramp. The back sight is molded into the top of the slide (as is the front sight), and they are very low profile. My accuracy suffers much past 10 yds with this gun, but if I gotta use it, it'll probably be from 10 yds or less.

    I also have a Bersa Thunder, and it has always been a favorite of mine for concealed carry. Accurate, handles well, and upon popping off your first round, is in single-action mode for the rest. They make a concealed model that is flatter, with rounded back edges, and a bobbed hammer. That one might do you pretty well.

    I have a Glock 19 as well, and tried tucking it under my leg while seated. I know the 26 is shorter, but it wasn't real comfy, and it lifted my leg a bit (noticable to me).

    I had a friend who was in a chair (M.S.) and his favorite "lil buddy" was a Colt Commander. He also tucked it under his leg. He was a former Marine and LAPD sergeant. He told me that the .45 ACP was a one-shot put-down round...no matter where you hit someone, be it center of mass or shoulder or knee, they're going on their butt (at least).

    Another to consider would be a Bond Arms derringer, in .45Long Colt/.410. The .410 with 00 buckshot is like four .36 cal balls that will do some serious damage...just another thought. The drawback is, it's only two shots, and it's pretty heavy.
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    wow!thanks everyone! im not looking for the answer but just suggestions... and looks like im in the right place! cant remember if i mentioned im a paraplegic but i believe i did.. so i dont have many option.. even an ankle holster is out. i bought one for my tomcat but, since i cant use my abs it ended up being too slow to draw..so the best way so far i have found is to tuck it under my leg.. i had interest in the glock 26 because if im right it will take the other glock 9mm mags as well.. but gunbunny, i agree that it would probably be too wide.. i think i need to stick with something roughly the size of the tomcat.. i like the taurus 380 my buddy has. it was pretty much the same size..

    i basically posted this for good ideas and pros and cons. also if anyone knows what i should stay away from.. so thanks again.. there are so many post before i can get my next post in..lol

    gunbunny, how many times did the slid catch hold up on the Bersa before it had worn out? also i read somewhere where the Kahr p380 had to be broken in with 300 rounds.. did you see this when you got yours? and does it only like specific ammo and it does not have a slide catch correct? you were also mentioning about guns snagging.. im trying to carry my 38 spl half tucked under my leg and yeah, the hammer snags every other time.. but the hammer on it is huge..

    by the way i expect to spend 500-600 bucks im not buying another $400 gun thats know to crack or brake (wish i known that before the tomcat).. and on this note, feel free to let me know what pistols i should stay away from..

    alpha dog, i think i said above that my buddy has the new taurus 380 6 shoot and just holding it and messing around with it i was impressed! seemed like a solid gun. but i think they are pretty new on the market.. ive seen no pros on cons about it yet.. and i didnt even think about checking to see if it had a slide catch, which im really wanting.. but i will sacrifice it for a more reliable firearm.. and for some reason im just not that fond of the keltechs.. but i will take any suggestions

    stangf150, ive not seen the sig 380 yet, you said 6 round mag so its 7 with one chambered correct? is the p238 SAS the one 380 module or was it intended to be 2 separate guns? a p238 and a SAS 380.. sorry, i dont know alot about sig except the are great guns but pricey.. my dad has a sig 9mm i believe, and its a pretty nice gun i would say.. he retired his taurus to carry the sig. but he does not conceal.. i do, i dont like it when someone knows i have a gun..

    thanks for all the ideas everyone!!! does anyone know a gun i should stay away from? there a so many 380's it hard to choose without firing everyone of them, which is why i started this thread.. i figure there a lot of people that has 380's and would have good advice..

    thanks again everyone!!
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    has anyone had the chance to shoot the ruger .380? its among the top of my list but, ive not found anyone thats shoot one yet.. or any pros and cons on it...
  11. kcmrrc

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    thanks Bassic,

    im starting to hear more and more about this Bersa Thunder.. its one i will probably check out first, and you say they make the same one but more rounded and a bobbed hammer.. i like that its single action after your first pull..

    about the ruger.. its only double action correct? when i saw it i notices how rounded it was in the picture.. it looks pretty sweet but hows the trigger pull? i just got done doing a little reading on it and the writer has said the trigger pull was a little long and hard..
  12. kcmrrc

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    also, who knows if it worth putting a laser like lazermax on these compact guns? do they hold and is it worth another 2-3 hundred bucks? have one on a gluck 23 but it was the whole spring kit and all. laser shins out right under the barrel.. its ok but what about the laser grips??? anyone ever use them?
  13. kcmrrc

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  14. STANGF150

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    SAS is the variation or style of the Sig P238 I bought. Its a two tone of black frame & stainless slide. Sig Sauers are considered by many to be World Class firearms, as good as or better than Colt & Smith & Wesson. P238 looks like a mini 1911 only without the grip safety. An is about the same size as your friend Taurus PT738 .380. Sig P238 holds 6 in the mag plus one in the chamber. Should mention that on the Taurus Armed Forum the PT738 .380 is considered hit or miss in quality. A few have sent theirs back to factory many times.

    P238 SAS
    sig-238-sas-07. sig_sauer_p238_sas_1.
  15. Alpha Dog

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    A friend of mine carries the ruger 380 and he loves it carries it every where. I've shot it a few time and had the chanse to play with it a little. Seems to be a solid gun I think bassic posted earlier that he had one of the 380LCP's As for the Bersa 380 my dad has carried one on his ATV for year's nice shooting little gun and he hasn't had any trouble with the dust from trail riding he cleans it about once a month. You can also get a little drum that holds I think 22 380rounds and even the drum in compact. I have also been told that a couple police dept from across sea's carry the Bersa.
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    Ruger LCP is DA-only. I don't find mine to be too much pull, as that is the "safety" on these guns. They're little, and I have a mag extension on mine so I can get a better grip (I'm a big guy, with fairly large hands). If I run it with the stock mag, I tend to shoot a little low, I think it's because of the overall shortness of the grip. Not real low, but it tends to run about 1/2-1" low when I don't have the mag "pinky grip" installed. It isn't terrible on the pull, maybe 8-9 lbs., but it is fairly long travel, that is probably where my deflection comes from- the physical leverage of keeping it level in the last few mm's of travel. It isn't something that I consciously think about when I shoot, and the end result would still be a case of severe lead poisoning for the attacker, just thought I'd mention it.

    The Bersa Thunder CC is the model I was thinking of. I've seen and held a few, if they shoot anything like mine, I can shoot the wings off a fly at 25 feet. I'd unhesitatingly recommend either as a carry rig, as I carry both frequently.

    I do still carry my Glock 19 from time to time, but it's a little harder to conceal for me, as it is physically bigger. I do tend to carry it at night, as I have Meprolite night sights on it, and dim lighting allows me to get away with more bulk under my clothes.

    I can also tell you that the Bersa isn't real fussy about what you feed it, while the Ruger is slightly more sensitive to what ammo you put in it. I generally keep Glaser Silver Pow'rBall in the LCP, and Hornady Critical Defense in my Bersa. At the range, I use cheap Eastern European FMJ, due to cost, and it runs fine in either gun. I had two failure to feeds in two mags with the LCP, not sure if it was because of the shape of the round I was using (Winchester JHP), or if it was because of the fact that it was new (happened the first time at the range, and never since), but I quit putting the Winchester in the LCP, ran Glasers or FMJ ball ammo instead, and have never had a feed problem since.

    Since you stated that the 5-600 range is where you'll spend your money, the Sig P238 is a great little gun, built almost exactly the same as a 1911, but shrunk down in size. The mechanics of the trigger and action are almost the same. If I had 6 bills available to me, I would get one (given my love for the 1911 platform). It fits my hand very well, and feels like a bigger gun. Haven't shot one yet, just dry fire at the counter, but it felt like a small 1911, which is what the designers intended, from what I've heard.

    Sorry for the ramble, the coffee and the cool air this morning here in Texas conspire to make me a little more talkative than I usually am...but here's my list for you-
    1) Bersa Thunder CC
    2) Sig P238
    3) Ruger LCP
    4) Bond Arms 45/410

    Any of these 4 would provide you with decent stopping power, provided your shot placement is somewhat decent, all are concealable under you leg without much trouble, and all will give you at least 6 chances to repel an attack except the Bond, and even that would give you 6 if you loaded with 00 buck in both chambers...;-) And given your circumstances, I think they're even in the right order, factoring in the differences in trigger pull, physical differences, and usability.
  17. idhunt

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    I am biased toward the P238, I am a Sig direct dealer. The Ruger LCP and the Kel Tec P-3AT are not bad pistols either. The Sig P290 and the Ruger LC9 may be worth a look if you want to upgrade terminal performance. I am very anti Taurus and refuse to stock them anymore. They have a lifetime warranty and I have had to use it too many times to do anything but special orders on Taurus firearms.
  18. kcmrrc

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    sweet gun F150!! very nice! about the taurus.. while handling it, it did give off that feel of a hit or miss hind of gun.. so i completely believe you about that one!

    and Alpha Dog, the Bersa is among the top of my list right now.. i had the ruger up there too but dropped it down a little because of the sites.. of course i know its pretty much a point and shoot but id still like to enjoy a firearm where i can put round in a tight group and im just not sure the ruger is that great for an aim and shoot.. and i know it also depends on the shooter as well.

    im trying to put a top 5 list together then rent and shoot each gun.. anymore than five i could have bought one but, i want whats right for me as well.. on the top i have the S&W compact 380 bodygaurd with a 2.75 laser included at around $300.00, cant beat that price, then i would have to put the bersa 380 under it right beside the sig p238.. as of now i think those are my top 3.. then maybe the ruger 380 LCP.. really unsure about the remaining 2 on my list if one of them is the ruger..

    Bassic & Alpha, how did you like the trigger on the ruger? ive heard its a little tight with a long pull.. but thats hear say.. ive not directly talked to someone that has shot one..

    plus, please give any opinions on at least one more compact 380's .. i have my top 3 listed above, feel free to tell me what yall think as well. ill probably have the ruger at number 4 which would leave one other i would be convertible renting before i feel ive spent too much money renting guns and buying ammo..

    and F150, does the p238 have a slide catch? i could look it up but just thought id ask while im on here..

    and again! thank everyone! for my first time on a forum im loving this!!

  19. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I guess the trigger is a little tight and the trigger pull is long but I kind of like it as a kind of safety feature. I like to feel a triger as I pull it and as far as the trigger pull being long after a few shots you get use to it with no problem. Colt also makes a pocket 380 that shoots and handles very well Then Browning also makes a nice one and If Im not mistaken it might hold 10 rounds not for sure been so long ago that I shot the Browning
  20. kcmrrc

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    hey idhunt, i feel ya, i think thats why my dad retired his taurus for a sig.. ill have to look more into the p290 and LC9.. they could round up my list.. im pretty sure ill end up with a S&W, Sig or Bersa!! your thoughts guys? still not sure i want to count out the ruger though..

    but i just gotta say, the compact S&W bodyguard .380 with the 2.75 laser is pulling me to it hard at only $350 - $400.. but i may shot it and not care for it.. who knows.. i have the mod 36 revolver and love it..but anyways, this is why im going to test out about 5 before buying..

    i was wanting to buy on tues because i will be having one of 2 major surgeries on wed. 5th.. but after talking to so many people i think ill just go look.. ill be out of rehab in 6-8 horrible months so, i guess theres no need to rush.. but its going to kill me sitting in rehab and wanting to look at guns instead!! and then again, if i bought on tues it would be killing me worse sitting in rehab not able to shot it!! i just need to find a rehab facility with a range in it!! ha
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