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    Aloha Monkeys,

    How much are your lungs worth to you?… That's the question my knife making buddy on Oahu asked me...
    Got an extra set of these after he told me he could no longer grind wood handles without a reaction…
    He’d been using wood for years…and also showed me what grinding carbon fiber did to his filters…
    I never grind or cut phenolic or any other man made handle materials without a chemical filter as well because the fumes make me nauseous…. certain woods as well...

    Of course this also has other applications for hazardous environments or "events"… ;)
    (contact me if you need another for a "partner (s)" ;) )

    Much cooler than non powered respirators...

    I have listed a 3M Breathe Easy Turbo Belt Mounted PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) set up…

    All parts new in the boxes or packages / never been used…. except to take out and test or photograph

    Includes the following

    3M Breathe Easy Turbo Blower

    3M BP-15 Battery

    3M BC 210 Battery Charger

    3M Large Tyvek Hood

    3M Breathing Tube Assembly

    3M Flow Meter

    3M Chemical Cartridges - 3 - Expired but still sealed in original foil packaging (you’ll receive a sealed ones)

    Safety Tech P100/Chem Cartridges - 2 - 9/2015 expiration

    No Belt… figured everyone has a belt ;)

    Found set ups like this for between $1100 to $1500 plus shipping at EnviroSafety type places…

    You can get different head gear if that is your preference….

    Topped off the battery and opened the sealed box and ran the motor to make sure everything was fine….
    motor ran 5 hours and 23 minutes continuously non stop... before the red light came on for recharging…

    Recharges easily overnight….

    $500 shipped Priority Mail, Insured with tracking to the USA only.

    (@ $50 of that is shipping costs - I’ll take the blower unit out of its box and securely pack it with
    the other items to save on shipping costs… I’ll include the folded box if anyone wants it ;) )

    (I will also include extra cartridges if they can fit securely)

    Thanks for looking…

    Have a great week!

    Take Care and God Bless,


















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