3rdworld nopower washing machine

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Tango3, Jul 5, 2010.

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    human powered clothes washer

    Make - Volume 18
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    cool! Somewhere in this massive unorganized hardback library of mine I have volumes one and two of vista projects for third world enlightenment and assistance or whatever. In one of them there is a human powered washing machine. I have never seen a no power one though...lol. Vista if I remember correctly was like a hippy peace corps or something. I picked them up about the same time the foxfire book series started.... got all 10 of them too.
    By the way, I maybe a newbie here, but not to this way of life and thinking.
  3. Tango3

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    :) No problem; welcome. Those vista books would be pretty handy in the personal library...
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