#4 Buckshot Ammo: #4 Buckshot Explained

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by OldDude49, Mar 11, 2020.

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    :whistle::whistle: I use 11 dimes in a reload , they are hell on every thing up to about 15 yards and they don't over penetrate much
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  2. Re: no's 19 and 20. I wonder how 1" finishing nails would work? And using #12 shot for in home defense, If you were a surgeon, would you like to search out # 12 shot from an invader's abdomen .
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    I’d think #12 would be way to small. Now if you added a healthy squirt of Elmer’s glue to the mix...
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    I bought 8 pounds of lead BB and 8 pounds lead T shot from ballisticproducts dot com. Total came to about $94.
    They still had some 9mm projectiles in stock too.
    I almost bought some lead #1 bird shot from them too, but I still have that 25lb sack of #2 bird shot that's maybe missing a pound or 3.
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    Well, in Vietnam, they used to have flechette rounds for the art'y. If they blew a whistle, everybody in a firefight would flatten, as it meant a 0 degree straight down the throat shot at massing VC and NVM's. Buddy of mine used to talk about that. They only did it if in threat of being overrun. Second hand knowledge. I was in training and never made it there.

    They sell flechette specialty shotgun rounds, but they are expensive, couple of bucks apiece. Folks who reload shotgun shells are the best.
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  6. Re: #25. I think I heard that referred to as a "Bee Hive round". Glad I never had to see one used.
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  7. oil pan 4

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    The way I see it if 00 buckshot goes straight through a deer, why not make the pellets a little smaller and hit the target with more of them. My sample size was kind of small, only 10 deer fallen to 00 buck for me. Every single pellet that hit every deer pretty much went straight through and I never found a pellet gutting them, only cut up 2 or 3 my self early on.
    I wanted to try number 1 buck, I found some Winchesters, they were kind of expensive, I found and bought 2 boxes, just enough to pattern them out of my gun with cylinder, improved cylinder, modified and full. Then next time I found them they cost even more and were a different brand so they would likely shoot different. So just stuck with 00.
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  8. Tempstar

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    Somewhere I have a few rounds from 'Nam a buddy gave me: It was a .50 bullet with little fins on the back of them. He said they were in a bomb that exploded at high altitude and tens of thousands of them would rain down and devastate an area. Your post made me think of those.
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  9. oil pan 4

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    I got a Lee number 4 buckshot mold. It makes 18 pellets at a time.
    It makes 18 pellets in 6 cavities at a time. Just snip them apart with some small cable cutters.
    $52 shipped.
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