4 Year Old Girl’s Vegetable Garden Must Go, Says USDA

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    4 Year Old Girl’s Vegetable Garden Must Go, Says USDA

    Rosie’s mother, Mary (names changed to protect the child’s identity), is single and severely disabled. She and her daughter live on a fixed income disability payment of $628/month. The garden vegetables growing just outside her backdoor lovingly tended by Rosie provide a fresh and healthy addition to their diet that they could not otherwise easily afford.
    Rosie started the garden in May 2013, but now the property management company has ordered the garden be removed this week!
    The reason?
    The property management company claims that gardening goes against the rules set by the USDA’s Rural Development Agency which forbids residents to have structures of any kind within landscaped areas. It seems to me that the practice of growing vegetables by the most needy in our society would take precedence over landscaping, wouldn’t you agree?

    You can either sign the petition to save Rosie’s garden by clicking here or send an outraged letter directly to Elsie Meeks, State Director for South Dakota, USDA Rural Development Agency.
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    " which forbids residents to have structures of any kind within landscaped areas." Well, that rules out all gazebos, and shelter-houses in parks then.. Also, many traffic intersections have landscape beds, that would also make those sign bridges across the road, illegal as well. Also, guard rails on those raised ramps, and guard shacks at entrances to any business in a rural setting.
    Since this rule appears to only affect residents, it should be challenged.

    However, if they lose the challenge, they can either comply with the rules, or move. They do not own the land, and must (by their lease) comply with the rules of the landlord, or be evicted with cause.
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    The garden has to go.We have a circle of things and this garden is in direct violation. The way I see it. The "fixed income" crowd are usually over weight due to there not being enough money for fresh vegies. Now the 1st lady has declared a war on obesity. So by this little girl growing vegies she is eating healthier which will make her healthier, plus she will be getting good nutrients she will will start thinking clearly. We can't have the poor/fixed income people thinking clearly because they will wake up and start voting conservative. That garden has to go because it is in direct violation of keeping people zombified on store-bought crap. ;)
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    These bureaucrats are just unbelievable.
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