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    Hokay' Splain it to me please;
    Sadly, I'm a "financial juvenile".
    We"invested" in401's and retirement plans through various employers over the years...I don't check'em, always figured we'd leave 'em cook for another 15-20 years...

    If I have 100 shares of say monkey tree.inc, on august first at say $1.00/share

    1) Say; the market takes a "header" off the roof. On Oct 15th the sum total of my 100 shares account is "worth" $25.00 cash,I still have 100 shares(correct?)... Some of the companies may no longer exist(I guess it makes me a crediter in their bankruptcy line?) I assume the managers saw this happening and sold those companies along with all the other rats leaving the sinking ship.

    If I "invest for the long term" Go back to my beer and turn off "cnbc money"; In 20years Will I still have my100 shares??? Of what ever permutations the various fund managers deem effective? If so I'm going back to bed for a decade or so
    (til this all shakes out)...[chopper]
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    I would definietly reposition assets in the markets to hard commodities.
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