41 Magnum the Lonely Cartridge

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    I saw they listed a ".41 Special" and then noted it was not a commercial cartridge, but brass was available for it. The "41 Special" has been around since about 4 minutes after .41 Mag brass came out, as either light loads or cut down brass.
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    Considering that the .44 mag is .125 inches larger in bullet diameter, I occasionally wonder how it even even got made.
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    Did you know dirty Harry carried a 41 mag and not the 44.
  5. kellory

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    NRA Museums:
    Sorry, but I believe that is a myth. Here is the actual gun, one of three for the movies.
    It is still legible on the barrel 44Mag.
    Model 29
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    I stand corrected.
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    I can say that Sinatra passed on the role when he found out that he would have to shoot such an uncivilized gun. He wanted either a .32 S&W long or a .38 spcl.
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    I've been taken in by a few myths too.;)
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    S & W Model 29 w 6" Barrel... And S&W Wood Grips....
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    I dare say that there are more myths taken than myths mistaken....sometimes myths are more appealing than facts. ;)
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    It's an interesting article, and, if I lived in a place that weren't quite as restrictive than I presently do, and I had squizillions of $$$ to spend on every passing cartridge calibre fancy that turned my head...then I'd probably buy one of them....however, I think that I'd have to go for the .357 magnum, even though its ballistics are somewhat inferior than the .41special. Where I am, .38 special/.357 magnum are more commonly found wheel gun and carbine calibres...(although most police departments, military etc are more up-gunned than .357 magnum, .38 special/.357 magnum are still fairly common calibres for armed security guards.)

    A flatter shooting cartridge would make longer distance accuracy more appealing, but in a world of trade offs and compromises, flexibility and cost/availability of ammo are also important considerations for someone on a tight budget. Everyone's MMV
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    "The Model 29 was offered with 3", 4", 5", 6", 6½", 8⅜" and, later, 10⅝" barrel lengths as standard models. I've never seen a 10 5/8""
    I have the 8-3/8". That being said my Ruger .41 will out shoot the M29 or the Ruger .44. It has better ballistics majik ju-ju. As I shoot a TC in rifle calibers, I'm not particularly recoil sensitive.

    The .357 is better than the .41 Special; however, the .41 Mag is flatter than the .41 special, it has it.
    I didn't know in the land of Oz you were allowed to own such things??
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    I carry a full sized .357's and .45LC on a regular basis, and I find that a lot is just finding what you are comfortable carrying, and can hit with. Any cartridge mentioned on this thread will blow a gd hole in something, and get the job DONE if you are capable of a modicum of accuracy.

    I sure wish they made more options than the Classic in 6" for the S&W 25...we need me LC in service.
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  14. Tikka

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    A 45LC is a great round; especially in a modern revolver which can be loaded a lot hotter than the old ones.

    However, I'll stick with the .44. 41 or .357.
  15. AxesAreBetter

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    Levergun combo. .45 colt is a fine mix of stopping power and noise level.

    A bit back on topic, I have looked at a .41 before. Nice looking round. How does it compare to 10mm?
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    The 45LC is a fine round; although too slow to be in the force equalizer. In all fairness, with a little practice, anyone can execute a fast mag change with a 5,56, 6,8 or 7,62N as compared to sticking rounds in a lever gun.

    Can't fairly compare a 6 shot revolver to a pistol with 2 or a lot more rounds. Basically surrounded by angry zombies the additional rounds and quick reload are the winner. Then again, other than zombies, the .41 mag is the bigger hammer.
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    Of course citizens of Australia can own hand guns. Though some calibres are restricted to those who possess the appropriate permit. Target shooting with pistols, though not as popular a sport as archery, or synchronised swimming, still has a dedicated following.

    How many guns are registered in your postcode?
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    I got started in all of this "prepping" long before I ever heard the word (thanks Doomsday Preppers), on a zombie forum. Back in those days, my go to for zombie survival was a brace of sixguns (Schofield and SAA) and a .45LC levergun. Never in my life felt underarmed with them...but I have also always paired them with fighting steel, for when that "New York" reload runs out. Haha. I'd rather take on zeds with a hand weapon than waste bullets on them.

    Sometimes it IS the strategy and the tactics that count, not the equipment.

    P.S. I LOVE talking about Zombies. Haha.

    I actually have next to no love for an autoloading firearm. I make a few exceptions for tools that perform to par.
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    Auto loading firearms have their place in the scheme of things....just don't think that a prepper can do an Audie Murphy with them...in a SHTF scenario, the supply chain will be long and tenuous, and undisciplined blatting may see you embarrassed at the worst possible moments.

    I'm all for an auto loader as a main weapon and a wheel gun as a backup weapon.
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    Register air guns?
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