.44 mag round cause explosion IN a gel block?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by OldDude49, Sep 10, 2016.

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    I am aware that every time a swirl-bubble in water collapses it creates a pinpoint explosion that reaches a temperature hotter than the surface of the sun. All those little pressure-blasts are what actually chew props up when they cavitate.

    But they are almost infinitesimally small.

    That was kinda mega for a a collapsing bubble.

    Well, the bullet made a short, fast trip. Maybe it brought along a little powder that fired off when the gelatin bubble collapsed.
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    Have to wonder what the temp reached when that non expanding projectile transferred part of its energy to the gelatin and if was high enough to cause it to vaporize and burn. Looks like it may have kind of acted as a fire drill to start a fire, concentrated all the energy in one spot and reached some magical combustion temp. Enjoyed watching it, would like to know more, and it sure as h*** over penetrated and did not fragment or transfer all of it energy to the gelatin, but looking at the reactions of the block, I guess it would have got its job done. High speed photo shows that the final cavity in the gelatin was a fraction of the size of the largest size and that the major damage would have been hydro static and not the penatration.
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    Me thinks this may be a combination of the "Diesel effect" the projectile sucks in a bit of the gun gas as it enters the block, the expansion creates a serious vacuum and that when the block contracts back, Bang! Compression to the point of ignition!
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    So basically any cavity shot will cause death ,pretty much.
    It would have been good to see the comparison with other ammo , just to be comparing apples with apples.
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