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    I've posted about this, before, and thought we could use a refresher! (y)

    If you love 5.11 Tactical's packs (sling bags and backpacks), and were thinking about buying one, you should definitely check the "Warehouse" section, of Amazon! These are returned items (for any number of reasons....oftentimes, I believe, just people changing their mind, and taking the hit, on returning the item, with "buyer's remorse"). But Amazon cannot sell them as "new" again, so typically mark them down. Their loss is your gain!

    Like this 5.11 "RUSH 24" pack, in OD green, currently up for grabs. Normal price is $130, for these packs. This one's on sale, in their "warehouse", for $113.25, and free shipping. :eek:
    (just click on where it says "Used & new (5) from $113.25 & FREE shipping", then click the box, on that page, that says "used")

    Can you get a better price? Probably! 5.11 Tactical does regular 20% off sales, on their site (and this pack is only 13% off normal retail). But if you're in a "gotta have it now" situation, it's always worth a look, to see what Amazon has available, in their warehouse section.
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    Keep your eyes on dvorDOTcom. I bought a 24 and a 72 multicam for 1/2 price and got rebates on them too. I can gove you a code to save a few $$

    They are a division of Optics Planet.
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    Dvor has a lot of informative sites ,,
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    5.11 rucks are awesome! I got a 24RUSH and it is without a doubt the best little ruck I have ever own. I will check out the warehouse and DVOR as soon as I come back, got to run to the store. I normally check the Amazon Warehouse but I admit life has been truly hectic since Spring and haven't looked in months. Yeah, I wouldn't mind another 24RUSH, a Sling or even a larger 72RUSH... Thanks for reminding us!
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