5.11 Tactical gear, and more, at cut rate prices @ Amazon

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    Wasn't sure whether to post this here, or over at the "General Survival & Preparedness" area, so feel free to move it, if necessary.

    Not sure why posting this didn't occur to me, earlier than this. Call it what it is, the older I get the more "flibber-de-jibbetty" my mind seems to get! :rolleyes: Might be the gears are slipping, more on my mind these days, or a combination of both? Anyways...

    Next time you're over at Amazon, check out their Warehouse Deals area. This is full of stuff, that Amazon has had returned.....typically, because people got something they didn't want. Amazon makes sure that there's no damage to the item (though there might be, to the packaging...and they will note that, in the description of what's available, along with a note that it's been repackaged).

    I actually check that area on Amazon, before I go look for something in their normal areas. Mostly because it's usually marked down, sometimes up to 25% (or more), since they can no longer sell the item as "new".

    And since we have had multiple threads here, concerning 5.11 Tactical packs and bags, what better place to look for one, if you need/want one? (y)

    Easiest way to search their Warehouse Deals? Use the Amazon search feature, and change it to the Warehouse Deals area, of course! :whistle: See below.
    warehouse deals.
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    I think I suffer the same affliction! Haha.
    Your 100% correct about Amazon, I have scored my beloved Salewa boots from them, some times they were floor models, others were returns due to wrong size orderd, all had the same return policy and shipping was free! Will shop the 511s and see what they have, thanks!
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    I have found, ONE can buy ANYTHING, on AMAZON.com....
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    @natshare Thank you! I never knew about this before. Amazon is great even though I was ranting and raving about them as apparently I paid more taxes this year than Amazon did -- they paid zero.
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    And if ya can't, it probably doesn't exist! ;)
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