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    I used the search feature and did not see a review for this flashlight, forgive me if it's already been mentioned. Mods, please feel free to move this to the appropriate location.

    Here is the website of the company, I have no affilation with them.

    Light For Life™ UC3.400™ Flashlight

    I've owned the flashlight for several months and tested all of thier claims. I've found all of them to be true. On the standard setting the light is bright enough for household use and it will provide 2 hours of light, and then some in "emergency" mode. On the bright setting it is very nice, at the cost of running time. It has a strobe mode that is bright and may temproarly blind someone, if the need arises. The light does indeed charge in ~90 seconds, from dead to a full charge. There is nothing to replace and I hope for it to last many years. It's lighter than you would think by looking at it. It came only with a 12V DC cigarette charger and I had to buy the 110V AC adapter sepratly, but now the website claims that both are included.

    I will spare you all of the technical details, they are easily found. I have found it to be a good light for everyday use and it lives up to it's claims. Nice reliable light to have sit on the charger next to the bed. No batteries (it uses a capacitor) or bulbs (it uses LED's) to replace and the fact that it is always ready, without battery "memory" were big selling points for me.

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    ^ Thanks.
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