5.8 earth quake in Virginia...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Witch Doctor 01, Aug 23, 2011.

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  2. jasonl6

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    I think Obama did it to take attention away from Ron Paul 2012.

    So i don;t get accused of not contributing we felt it here in NE Pennsylvania too. I was at Mc'ds and thought i was just dizzy from the burnt french fry grease. Got back to work and everyone was talking about the cubicles shaking.

  3. Pyrrhus

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    Not Obama's fault

    He inherited this fault. From the prior administration. The proof is that the fault was already there when he was elected.
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  4. Brokor

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    Yeah, same here. Shook the whole house. Kind of strange, really. I have never felt an earthquake tremor before. NE PA here, also. Lasted about 12 seconds, reported it to the USGS. They listed it as a class III, pretty decent for this part of the country.

    Well, I gotta go.
  5. freedom first

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    Typical Whitehouse response.
    I LOVE IT.[fnny]
  6. Alpha Dog

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    We felt a small trimmer here about an hour ago in the free state of WV.
  7. limpingbear

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    we are in NC and just moved here from the west coast. if its not at least a 7 and in the same state i dont even notice anymore. our cousins across the street felt it though.
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  8. UGRev

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    felt it for about 15 secs in Central NY..
  9. radpug

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    I didn't feel it at work, but I got called from home.
    "did you feel it up there" me fell what?
    " the earth quake"
    Me huh?
  10. Huntinbull

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    Felt here in NE Ohio. I was in a vehicle at the time, but the wife's office building swayed for a few seconds. Shimmied her and her files around a bit. Stuff on her desk was shaking.
  11. gunbunny

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    I was working and missed it. Everybody that was sitting on their rump at a desk (not really working) felt it. Central PA
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  12. ghrit

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    Northeast PA. Didn't feel it, but I was challenging pot holes with the bike, might have been isolated by the tires.
  13. VisuTrac

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    S.E. Michigan. I was driving at the time and didn't noticed that someone divided by Zero in DC.
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  14. Falcon15

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    Not a damn thing in Coastal Texas, 'cept heat and skeeters.
  15. Sapper John

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    Felt it here in south eastern N.C.,just a steady vibration for about a minute and a half...
  16. STANGF150

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    Several People at Work CLAIMED to have Felt it. Office Workers up front that sit on their rumps mainly. Those in the Main Production area, talked themselves into having felt it too. See, in the main production area there are 47 HUGE Jacquard Looms. The concrete floor has a high metallic content. Therefore the floor ALWAYS feels like it vibrating in the main production area. I think the front office workers heard it on radio and talked themselves into feeling it too. See My office Girl in Shipping Dept has a Pink letter D on her desk. If I shut office door too hard, not slamming it, it tends to fall over. It did NOT fall over today any, much less during the time folks "CLAIM" to have felt the tremors at my Mill. So, for here in the part of Rutherford County NC where I work, I'm going to have to call a Flag on the claims of having felt it..........


    Oh, in case you might wonder what a Jacquard Cloth Weaving Loom looks like, heres a pic of one the Smaller ones. Catwalk/Gantry that holds the top part is approximately 20 feet high.
    Jaquard Loom.
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  17. Wife just told me about it. Been busy in the office. Very interesting. The white house staff cleared out I heard?
  18. ghrit

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    One vid shot on NBC had the security guys bailing off the WH roof. I guess not much of a problem with zero on the golf course. Wonder what they would have done if the residence were occupied ---. (y)
  19. Ya, no kidding....
  20. VisuTrac

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    With the white house and pentagon clearing out. Do you think that the globalists had time to plant the TND's so it will look like an accident?

    All kidding aside, what those things are steel reinforced bomb / 757 proof? Running out like ground squirrels that just got the garden hose treatment.

    It's not like the sky was falling, or was it (just a poorly aimed HAARP)?
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