5 monkeys

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    but we've always done it that way...
    YouTube- 5 Monkeys
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    very true
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    The thing is, I am smarter than a monkey. I recognized from a very early age that I was an individual. I am neither a conformist or neccessarily a follower. I lead sometimes, but am not power hungry. I follow sometimes without complaint, but only after I choose to. In other words, if someone has earned my trust and respect I may choose to follow them. I have a small but loyal group of close friends, and I am close to most of my family, but not those who have drastically lost my respect. I have had only a little formal education after graduating high school. I put up with the daily BS in the military service for 22 plus years because I chose to, and could see the benefits of staying until elligible to draw retirement for the rest of my life. At age 52 on a whim I took my first actual IQ test. To my surprise I scored higher than I expected to just shy of genius at 136. I laughingly describe myself as too smart for my own good without enough formal education. So, to summarize I think the video is fine for MONKEYS, and the dumb masses. But, since I am neither, I think one way or another, I WILL HAVE A BANANA!!!
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