5 years till the "end"?

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    The problem with technology ,is that the more of it there is the fewer people need to be around to enjoy it .
    Technology does not employ the need for more people, but less, which feeds into the agenda 21 like a glove.
    Reduce the populations and crowd people into cities, and make living in the country/off the grid, illegal.
    Our government has already been giving away land to foreign nations and soon we will be leasing it from them.
    We are being bombarded with the idea of an impending disaster and all it would take is a significant move with HAARP, or some under water nuclear blast people will think a natural earth quake, will make thing far more uncomfortable.
    The ignorant won't know it was government sponsored event.
    I have and will always prep for disaster ,it is a part of life and foolish to think otherwise.
    But I am seriously beginning to wonder if a lot of the doom and gloom isn't actually coming from the government in an effort to keep the economy going .
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    If you are worried about a hidden nuclear blast causing any damage and being called "natural " , rest easy. There are many sites like this that monitor in real time. (Updates every minute) you could not hide such a source. It would light up like a beacon.
    Radiation Network
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    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: And Y2k was the Last apocalypse 'nuff said
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    A race war cometh soon. :D
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    No way! There was also the 2012 Mayan mythos.

    I'm not sure about that study...only 10 percent? o_O
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    But. But it's on the internet, so it must be true.

    Anyway, Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD) sells and motivates people.

    I think I'll make a blog post stating that the 10 dollar bill has been laced with a slow acting genetic disruptor. And provide a PO box so they can send them to me for examination and experimentation to determine how wide spread their agenda is.
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    Holy Crap.........I gotta prep!!!!!!!![sarc2]
  9. Kingfish

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    I watched Y2K with amusement then grilled a steak on December 21st 2012. On another survivalist board I predicted nothing would happen in 2012 and was correct. Today I do not hold very many predictions to be valid. I never have. My own prediction is no more valid than any others. There is a man named Nathan Shepard who thinks 2016 will see war between the U.S. and Russia. King of the north versus king of the south. He predicts an EMP attack from Russia. Like the others I am sceptical however we must remember the boy who cried wolf one too many times. We must always keep one eye on the predictions and be ever vigilant or we will be caught with our pants down. I stepped up our efforts to be stocked and supplied this year for many reasons one of which is the National debt and the other the unrest surrounding race tensions and Muslim infiltration into America. The middle east and North Korea are both powder kegs waiting for a spark. There has been no better time in History than right now to be prepared. SO MANY THINGS going wrong right now. Any one or combination of several can trigger a financial disaster of the likes the world has never seen. Add in world war, or even more natural disasters?? These are perilous times.
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  10. chelloveck

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    No need to panic, everybody. It's just an opinion poll.

    The authors of this research said it best themselves:

    The research article itself is less "sexy" and sensationalist, but more interesting than the ViralNova web-page linked in the opening post. http://www.global-catastrophic-risks.com/docs/Chap01.pdf
  11. chimo

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    You are an evil genius!
  12. arleigh

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    I think for some folk it's like planning for a vacation ,and it seems to get postponed over and over.
    Most of us are glad that it is, and the younger have no idea what they are in for.
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  13. Kingfish

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    I for one am not going to stop living. We are moving forward with our dog breeding program and building fishing lures. My Wife won her SSD case and will be on assistance soon and Im more worried about the government defaulting on her disability payments than world collapse. . Once this place is paid off ?? That worry goes away.
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    Looking at these topics which typically are defined as "fear mongering" (and sometimes are just that) is sometimes good, provided it's viewed with objectivity and the facts weighed carefully. On the subject of Russia-China-U.S. and a possible war, or an EMP strike --I would classify this as being far more likely than crazy theory based on the many factual happenings day-to-day surrounding political tensions and military hostilities (as well as corporate greed). We really shouldn't forget that Russia has a substantial amount of billionaires (and corporations), as does the U.S., Britain, China, and every other leading nation. These battles with "terrorists" are the very same as the Mujahadeen freedom fighters funded by CIA to thwart Russian interests in the Middle East. The secret government created under the Reagan administration which was used to freely fund extremist groups globally and especially in Iran, is bigger and more expansively controlling than ever, and it operates with absolute impunity. Now, just imagine the scale of the fight we are facing decades later, after Congressional hearings and investigations have long concluded and all the shady characters got away with profiting from creating an enemy and a war. We aren't just talking about the United States, Inc. We are also talking about all of the other nations involved with similar schemes of their own, too. The age of the corporation has brought us a very disillusioned era in which the majority of people are spoon fed blatant lies and propaganda by the corporate media and have fallen victim to the false paradigm of bipartisan enslavement. The only thing keeping most of us informed is the (mostly) unregulated use of the world wide web, and very soon even this will change due to social engineering and the wide acceptance of mobile device platforms, which strips away the users access to the 'dark web' or anything which isn't supported by licensed apps and web based protocol. In essence, the noose is tightening every moment, and the truth is becoming increasingly harder to discern from the garbage and disinformation from various sources. With the "government" sponsored regulation in place (for our security, naturally *sarcasm*) for the internet, the puppet masters can go ahead full-steam and care not one bit about who may be paying attention.
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  15. Ganado

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    I agree with @broker on this. I don't consider rational discussion fear mongering. What bothers me is the repeated thing expressed with outrage like the post is something new. You can always find messed up things in this land (particularly internet land) to post or get mad about. The trick is to post clear indication of society change with rational thought not fear mongering outrage.

    To be clear if you are outraged, and your only ACTION is reposting more fear crap on the internet, then you are still in victim mode and you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    It's good to be alert. But fear leaves you unable to respond. If you can't respond then you can only react. Reaction is a victim mentality
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    We built another Chicken cage yesterday. It is for breeding Pure strain Americuana birds or??????? More eggs and meat birds if need be. But I am moving forward with trying to make money and pay this place off. One eye on the world the other on what the Hell Im doing.
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  17. arleigh

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    My americanas are not that big a bird . my rhode island reds are much larger.
    The reds eggs are larger as well, something to consider .
  18. mysterymet

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    I can't and won't stop living my life because of fear. I can try and plan for events and prep so that my family and myself have the best chance of making it through that I can give them at this point. i do not let prepping run my life although it does guide some of my life choices.
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  19. VHestin

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    5 years? That will give me enough time to stock up on a 50year supply of cocoa powder and bacon. I better not live past those 50years though...of course, if I'm that old, I might not even know it's not bacon I'm eating anymore...
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  20. Kingfish

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    Yes but Blue Wheaten eggs sell for up to 150 a dozen fertile :) I have Welsummers for big brown eggs. I had Reds and they were good layers but my Welsummers lay more per bird than any other type Ive tried. We cross them with the Blue Wheaten rooster and get an Easter egger that lays olive green eggs. These easter eggers net us 25 bucks each. But Pure strain Paul smith Wheaten /splash and Blue bring anywhere from 45 to 150 a dozen plus shipping. Here is a link to another place that gets 28 buck each for hatchlings.This link explains that pure Wheatens lay a blue egg and that is what makes them special. We crossed them with the Welsummers and got what are called Easter eggers.

    Blue Wheaten Ameraucana

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