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Discussion in 'Blades' started by TCC, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I want a large knife specifically for chopping. I know the benefits of hatchets, hawks, and machetes. I just want a chopper. I would like to find something for around $50.

    I have been looking at the Condor Kumunga, and like it. Anyone have experience with it?

    Or any other recommendations?
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    No, but for ten times that much you could get a original DesRosiers Alaskan Chopper.... He is a Master BladeSmith, that use to live up on the mountain, just south of "Me"
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    i didnt see the price on but they had a nice looking winchester knife at walmart tonite ....
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    what r u trying to chop ??? would a clever work for ya?
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    Well if you already know the benefits of axes, hawks and machetes, you probably know they are best for chopping. As for knife blades, you are stuck with a linear blade which doesn't have the heft of a larger machete and no angle of a hawk or axe. The closest you could come in-between would be a kukri, even though some classify it as a machete. My advice is to not rely upon this, single attribute as a reason to get a knife, but go with a blade that will suit as many of your needs as possible and using a chopping tool for the chopping. I say this not to be blunt, just to point out the waste of energy and time required in using the wrong tool for a job.

    If you are sticking just to knife blades and intend its primary function to be chopping, you probably already know a larger blade is better. It's all up to the steel characteristics, price and personal preference from there. But, the kukri would blow just about anything else away for a knife.
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  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    Schrade Uncle henry Pro-hunter153 UH $29.00

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    There is really only one good answer for this... Ontario Kukri. The price is $53 or $55 on amazon. Of course if you look around you might be able to find it cheaper. It chops like none other. In fact its the only blade I have other than my multitool and smaller utility knife in my bug out bag. Its 1095 steel 1/4 thick full tang great grip slightly rubbery but very solid and feels amazing in the hand. The blade is covered in a black duracoat to prevent rust since its carbon steel and it will rust. But its a simply amazing chopper and a very good value for the price. Its only downside is its sheath. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.
  9. brandonnash

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    The CUMA combat battle chopper.

    In your price range at $43 and also they are giving away one for free.
  10. Zombie Hunter

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    Umm... seems gimicky. Looked up the stats its pretty short which equals less leverage. The straight blade is less efficient at chopping because there is more surface area contacting the object you are chopping which isn't as efficient as a curved blade which makes contact with a smaller surface area. This allows for greater penetration. The tang is only 1/8th inch thick. A heavy duty chopper should have at least a quarter inch. Sorry I know I'm being negative I'm just pointing out the shortcomings of the blade is all.
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    And that's fine too. I wouldn't buy a chopper like that. I think they're all gimmicky. I prefer a good knife, machete, or axe/hatchet depending on what you're doing. With all that said the OP was asking for one and in his price range I doubt there will be one much better. I would personally take a Schrader extreme survival for a good budget knife that can also chop. 1/2" thick blade and full tang. Heavy sucker too. I may pick that one up next week. Just worried a bit about the 1095 steel. Would rather have something a bit more robust in the steel department but for the price I am not sure I can get much better.
  12. I have owned 3 kurmunga knives. The first two were begged / given to others. I still have one, and it does what I ask it to do.

    Recently I bought a vaughn tree sounding hatchet, got son to put it on the sander / grinder and make some small shape changes to it. For me it is a good fit. Cost runs around 20 or so dollars. (Note this is a very small hatchet (like 10 or 12 inches)

    I believe old jimbo has a write up on the hatchet on his website.

    Expect to have to sharpen up maybe smooth the cheeks on the hatchet, and sharpen the edge on the kurmunga (suggest convexing the blade with raising the sides of the bevel somewhat.)

    For woods loafing I usually have a pocket knife, a 4 or 5 inch knife and a hatchet with me.

    For chopping food a nice cleaver is handy, but that may not be what you are looking for. The kurmunga would chop up meat and such fine also.
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    What do you want to chop? Hard to beat a plain old machete for "light" field work. Axe for heavier duty. Any heavy bladed knife should be OK to work up meat/veggies. We have meat cleavers but seldom use them. The band saw takes care of most duties.
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    I use a cleaver as a knife, when preparing food. i keep it razor sharp, and draw a few strokes across a sharpener at each use. As for larger chore, A Gerber machete a 3/4 ax, and a brushhook and hard to beat.
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    That video is enough to make one want to go out and buy a nice Eastwing camp axe and separate oneself from any relationship with a "big chopper".
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