500 Chinese lawmakers leave office over election fraud

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    In China they probably did not kick upstairs and lost their jobs.

    But if 500 were sacked over here for whatever reason it would be a good start and if election fraud was enforced most of the dems would be gone.

    -- More than 500 Chinese lawmakers accused of election fraud have been forced from office, the country's official Xinhua news agency reported.

    The officials were disqualified, dismissed or resigned on Saturday following elections in Hunan at the Hengyang municipal people's congress, the local legislative body.

    Fifty-six provincial lawmakers offered bribes to 518 municipal lawmakers and 68 staff members, a statement from the Hunan provincial people's congress said, according to Xinhua. The total amount of money involved exceeded 110 million yuan, or $18.14 million U.S. dollars, according to the statement.

    The 56 provincial lawmakers were disqualified Saturday and 512 municipal legislator resigned, according to

    More than 500 Chinese lawmakers leave office over election fraud - CNN.com
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    Or it could be more nefarious, like the party didn't want those people in office eventhough the people did. Nah, probably just what the Chinese government said. They were bad boys and girls.
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    Because we know just how trustworthy the chinese election system is...
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    Worse than ours ? To my thoughts, any election fraud should be treated as a capital crime..
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