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  1. snowbyrd

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    What six [6] items do you consider best for barter, it will vary as to area for sure.
    Remember you need to keep enough for your 'self'. Be that a group or just you and 'yours'. Some things are finite, others are 'renewable' or replaceable. All things will have pluses and minuses.[dunno] AOH, very tradable, downside is the drunks, is also fuel and has uses for medical. What about skills/knowledge? Ammo, seeds, food, water, fuel ect. Some things are cheap now, easy to stock up on, later could be very valuable, hmmm what could that be? Hopefully this will have ya'all thinking and not just a quick answer, like I usually do. [beat]

    Put some thought in this, I have and am doing so.[aiw]
  2. Joseph Thomas

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    O.K. I'll take the bait and pass on the booze, ammo, tobacco etc. I'm thinking two cycle oil, nails and screws, incandescent light bulbs, leather, hand tools ( shovels, picks, pitchforks, scythes, sickles, files, sharpening stones, axes), and any old fashoined ag instruments such as cider presses, grain cleaners, grain grinders, anvils, stone tongs, etc.
  3. Brokor

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    I believe somebody posted something similar to this, pertaining to Bosnia or something like that based on real life experience. I also believe and trust the opinions therein. A few items mentioned were shampoo, soap, matches, fingernail clippers, toothbrushes and paste -all the things which make you feel like a human being again. After a while, people go without these luxuries for so long and it just makes sense to store up extra.
  4. Joseph Thomas

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    Yep. I remember that thread. Stocking up on those things is a given and they would be great for barter. I think the hard things to find and so would be in great demand are anything that helps you produce food. An extra tractor sitting around with a disk or moldboard plow will be priceless. Even more so will be a Kentucky cultivator that can be run by human effort. A few chickens or pigs you can trade would also be priceless. Honey making equipment, maple syrup gear, etc would also be great. Just my very humble opinion. Food comes first.
  5. Ivan

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    various addictives that cant be made locally. coffee, chocolate, and cigarettes. alcohol can be made pretty easily so probably not that.

    medical supplies which are not likely to be in large supply in peoples survival kit but which they will miss dearly. allergy medicines, viagra, birth control pills and the like.

    in general, things which people use every day but which aren't likely to be stockpiled against the threat of a/many rainy day(s).

    if the shitstorm hits and its bad enough that the value of goods on the barter market has become a long term concern then the very basic 'keep me alive' stuff probably wont be that valuable simply because everyone whose still around either had their own supply ready ahead of time or managed to get their hands on some once the wheels came off.
  6. Disciple

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    A good barter item would be a valuble trade, in other words you can do this quite well but cant do ______________well I can do Blank, So you scratch my back I scratch yours. Say your a Blacksmith, or a professional chef, whatever.............
    also Items that could be very valuble would be herbs and spices for seasoning.....
    bland food sucks. also I have to concur things like shampoo, soap, Socks, underwear,
    A shower.
  7. BTPost

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    Salt.... Will be ONE...
  8. Gray Wolf

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    Cooking oil will be king, followed by coffee, salt, alcohol, and tobacco.
  9. Sherman

    Sherman Dog Eat Dog

    You guys covered it pretty well, heirloom seeds might be good.
    And services, particularly medical and dental. Dr's and nurses will be in demand, especialy those knowledgeable in alternative or "home remedies" like great granny used to use on the farm. Anyone that can fix items like generators or build a windmill water pump.
  10. Skill as a brewer and distiller will come in handy - ETOH/ethanol will be valuable as a disinfectant, fuel, intoxicant and trade good.

    Skill as a reloader and a supply of primers and powders. Similarly, ammunition will be HIGHLY sought after - even more so than firearms.

    Skill as a welder/metal worker and basic tools - similarly, skill and tools to work wood.

    Skill in clothing/shoe repair and the tools to effect same - this is more of a long-term need, but will be extremely valuable once we get to that point

    And has been observed already, skill in gardening and farming, and the implements to do so.

    Each of the above skill sets will be needed, said skills to be used to unite with your neighbors and form an effective and self-sustaining community. My thoughts, anyway.
  11. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf Monkey+++

    Excellent observations, and each of those points is already covered in the little community that we are developing.
  12. Seacowboys

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    I'll take a stab at this from past experience in working in places where there was a peck of trouble and a bushel of poverty. A meal often got work, there really are people that will work for food. The loan of a tool is fair barter and once the chore is complete, you get your tool back. Domestic small stock such as rabbits, fowls, etc. especially breeding ones.
    Draft animals for hire. Tonsorial arts, the value of a bath, shave, haircut is never truly understood until you have a large nomadic population. Sewing.
    Take one look around you and see what you will have to live without once the shelves are bare and the lights are out. How long will that pair of shoes last?
  13. Gray Wolf

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    Another item that is often overlooked on our preps is soap & shampoo.
    I once gave a crewman from an oil tanker a ride into town, he went into the grocery store and bought every bar of soap in the place. When I questioned him about it, he said "In my country, this is a luxury".
    We take it for granted here, and it is inexpensive now, but imagine life without it, especially for the ladies that we love.
  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    Needles, thread, scissors, awls, manual sewing machines, light oil (weapons grade)

    Just my thoughts...
  15. Drumbo

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  16. mysterymet

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    Asprin Tylenol Vitamins might also be useful.
  17. Equilibrium

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    Definitely non-gm produce seeds.... those have been getting sold out for a few years so my guess is folk have been stockpiling. Perhaps antibiotics for people and livestock? They are able to be purchased without an Rx, [FONT=&quot]http://www.ewolseqwodu.com/products/antibiotics/[/FONT].
  18. Byte

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    1st 6 months to a year: skills manuals (the how to survive w/o electricity kind), addictive food items (mentioned several times), boolits! (again mentioned quite a bit), general cooking and canning items (salt, flour, pectin, jars, lids, etc), TP, probably any food item as this period will be when the greatest die off will occur and it'll be to starvation rather than violence

    2nd year: heirloom seeds, food of any kind, guns & boolits!, nails/screws, hand tools, that secret stash of addictive food stuffs you saved will now be worth its weight in gold, more TP (saving my stash for barter during this period), shoes/boots, quality clothing or tools to mend clothing, medications, more skills manuals

    Running water & flush toilets! Being able to plumb up facilities will be a great trade skill. Provided the mass dying has mostly ended.

  19. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    I agree with Byte that one must specify the time frame for many items.

    Overall though my top 6 would be:

    .22 ammo
    Shoes & shoe repair*
    Water purification

    * Skills, tools and materials rather than stockpiling shoes.
  20. Byte

    Byte Monkey+++

    Totally forgot water purification! Had it blocked off in my mind since I won't be bartering off any of my water purification supplies. But they are definitely going to be a high priority for those that haven't planned ahead. Bottled water will also be a very valuable commodity as soon as the taps stop flowing.

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