6 best barter items

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    At first it seems like food and water will be the most valuable things IMO, after a year or so those that don't have these resources figured out will probably be dead, at that time comfort items might be of a lot of value, soaps, cigs, booze, TP ect.

    Are places like this very reliable? I have thought about getting something like antibiotics online but I always worry about how safe it is. I would think once a place has been established and people can vouch for them then it wouldn't be as risky.

    How long do antibiotics store? I have read that some can become poisonous after a certain amount of time.
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    Honey will be worth a lot more than sugar.
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    Hi, all...lurked for awhile but now guess I'll have to put something in the intro thread as well but this topic got me to thinking.

    Barter goods would serve as a replacement medium of exchange, so for trade purposes, I would want something that gets used up by the person I'm trading it to and the volume I traded could be varied. I would also think manufactured goods that a homemade equivalent would take some time to get setup.

    Some ideas that popped into my head, in addition to all the others listed, would be:

    1. Flour
    2. Lard
    3. Monofilament line
    4. Fishhooks
    5. Strike anywhere matches
    6. Cloth (petroleum based like fleece would be worth its weight when the weather gets cold.)

    Just some thoughts, and great forum BTW.
  4. BAT1

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    Ammo, Seeds, flour, water, canned foods, matches.
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    Ajax> "Are places like this very reliable?" I don't know....I've never ordered from any online pharmacies. I've volunteered at a Latino community garden before....only occasionally since I'm pretty busy but if they call me or need something I'll take a run out. That's where I 1st heard about the online pharmacies. From other volunteers believe it or not. I guess some people are into self medicating. I'm not. Most of the folk using them don't like their primary doctors or don't like the clinics they've been assigned to... the waits are long... they're too far away.... etc... so they play doctor. I do my best to discourage this especially if there are others around who heard it pointing out all the free clinics in the area or how it's pretty easy changing a primary physician but.... I can't reason a person out of a position if that person arrived at it without reason so... I generally save my breath after expressing concern. That being said, they're obviously getting their antibiotics so at least some of the online pharmacies must be reliable.
    "How long do antibiotics store? I have read that some can become poisonous after a certain amount of time." I think the issue is more that they lose potency beyond the expiration date. One of my brothers mentioned most are good long after their expiration date and a girlfriend of mine said most don't lose more than 10%. Both are MDs but one's into research and one's a psychiatrist and neither one's a pharmacist so I wouldn't put much stock into anything they say and... they were talking in a broad sense anyway. I did run across some research on this after the topic came up at a barbecue. I don't think you can get into the journals to read it but I'll check and see if there's any reference online for you. For me.... I just plan on telling my doctor I want a "stash" and asking for suggestions. Then I'll research the "shelf life" on each one individually. For sure I want a stash of drugs for giardiasis.
    adding this, http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_shelf_life_of_amoxicillin. Seems as good as any to help you sort things out for yourself. It includes what looks like a link to an overview of the Harvard research... might just be an abstract though.
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    I forgot something.... I have another girlfriend who's an anesthesiologist. She was educated in China and I remember a conversation we had on oil of oregano which is naturally occurring and can't be patented. Check it our for yourself and see what you think. Carvacrol concentration must be at least 70% but... I don't know much more than that.
    adding this, http://www.diagnose-me.com/treat/T223028.html. That should be a good enough launch. Check out the references & further Information section.
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  8. snowbyrd

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    Remember finite supplies, powder for reloads, flower-gotta wheat field? Casting bullets. I started stocking soap and spices a little while ago, uh, a year orsoago. Lotta good ideas and thoughts here, made me think. {that's a supprise}
    there will be several die offs when tshtf, not IF. Read Halfast and "One Second After" also a good one is "The Road". And of course "The Stand".
    "Farnam's Free Hold". Any book, blog or web site that makes you think is a good thing for sure.
    Thanks for the input!
    SALT for sure! I don't live on the coast so that is one biggie for me.
  9. D Strokes

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    Top 6:

    Oil/lubricants for various things
    silver/gold/precious metals
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    I can't think of six right off the top of my head, but the first barter item I thought of was toilet paper.

    I think next would be clean water.
  11. Falcon15

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    1: Ammo
    2: Water (filtered and purified, of course)
    3: Food (pre-packaged)
    4: Seeds (Grow your own tobacco kiddies, and smoke it in corn husks or chew it!)
    5: Sugar/Salt/Vinegar (all equal standing as food preservatives on my list)
    6: Alcohol - both kinds, wood and grain
  12. VHestin

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    Paper and pens/pencils? I'd go with seeds as well. Clean water. Shaving tools. Candles. Batteries. Matches. Funny how there's so much we use every day and never think it won't be there.
  13. Falcon15

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    If you have some basic know-how paper can be made (and recycled).

    Ink can be made from natural sources and there is always the old standby - quill pens.

    Candles. Nice one. A great use for excess beeswax from the apiary.

    I like having shaving tools handy, but for barter? Excellent idea. Disposable razors are cheap and don't expire (well almost).

    Matches? Good one! I am adding this to my list. Little baggies of wax dipped "strike anywhere" matches.

    Batteries are my one "no". There may be use/value in a short term TSHTF or WROL. In an extended TEOTWAWKI, especially a pandemic or WMD type, after the die-off, the survivors will have tons of stuff, literally just laying around from scavenge alone. Barter use will be lower.
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