6 Management Lessons That Everyone Should Know.

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    My favorite is #4. I'm posting that on the door of my office. Right next to the one that says "WARNING! To avoid serious bodily injury, don't tell me how to do my F'n job!" (I'm oilfield trash and my office is on a drilling rig. I can get away with things like that. LOL.)

    6 Management Lessons That Everyone Should Know. #2 Is Priceless.
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    Enjoyed that immensely. I also forwarded it to an ex Navy corpsman who married a Navy (O-6) Captain's daughter. He went on to get a commission in the Air Farce. The Air Farce never was quite able to remove all his squid tendencies, and he once appeared at a manditory "Jacket and Tie required" dining in, wearing only socks, skivvies, shirt, jacket and tie. Luckily the base Commander had a great sense of humor. This ex squid friend of mine retired as an Air Farce Colonel.
    He still respects old Navy Chiefs and occasionally calls or emails for advice. He will enjoy this no doubt. Knowing him as I do, it may end up a high end print job framed and under glass in his "I love me" home office. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'm going to have the saying "If you're going to sit around doing nothing, you have to be very high up." on a placard and when someone comes in my office and I have my feet up on the desk under the air conditioner and it's 130 degrees outside and they never fail to say "It must be nice" I'll just point to the sign. And tell them to get their A** back to work. LOL!
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