60 minutes impactof the creditderivative swaps

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    Short segment with Steve Croft: the Smirky ceo of the isda is worth watching...around8:20 minutes in( We have to work together to make sure it doesn't happen again...:shock:):
    Wall Street's Shadow Market - 60 Minutes - CBS News
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    HYPER INFLATION!! The eventual result of placing more and more paper money into circulation has always been, is and always will be inflation similar to the Weimar Republic's where it eventually cheaper to burn the bundles of paper DM's than to spend them for coal or wood fuel. We will be facing the very real consequences of multi-trillions unbacked currency in circulation which only means those "Spendocrats" will cover their own ass etts but the common people like us will not have the real money to pay for our basic needs. Derrivites and false assets have collapsed so they are being covered by false money which will have very real results for us if the "O" man is frauded into office. Hedge funds are dumping gold to raise cash so this is an opportunity to acquire real money before a new one world currency is in place. Overbore
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