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    I dont know if this is the right place to put this question (if its not, I hope I can get away with just a warning [winkthumb]

    Is it possible for an assault rifle that uses the ammunition 7,62x51 to use other ammo of the same caliber? For instance, the 7,62x39? And it is possible to reload the 7,62x51? These are probably absurd questions, but the 7,62x51 its the only full auto weapon I ever used and that I probably could put my hands on in a truly shtf situation.
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    Hope that is helpful.[winkthumb] Yup, this is as good a place for this as any.
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    Thank you for the info and the advice on the Handloaders bench site. I'v been reading about the M14 just now and it looks like a very fine weapon also in the old NATO 7,62x51 caliber. It makes sense to me that at least some are in use in Irak. The rifle I used in action was a HK G3, (in an African counterinsurgency scenario and the first use in action of this rifle worldwide, by the way). Still lots of those around here.
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