7 Layers of tactical clothing

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    Just got back in from feeding.
    [​IMG] Overcast
    Feels Like: 25°
    Wind Chill:
    25° Ceiling: 5000
    Heat Index: 35° Visibility: 10mi
    Dew Point: 28° Wind: 16mph
    Humidity: 77% Direction: 340°NNW
    Pressure: 30.29" Gusts: 21mph
    Main things here right now is wind and humidity.
    Boots insulated.
    Layers Lower, Jeans, Snow Board Pants.
    Layers Top, Cotton T shirt, Light weight flannel shirt (new style with hollow tube thread), Medium Fleece Jacket, XL Gortex Parka.
    Hat, Hard Hat fleece.
    Gloves long gauntlet gortex fleece lined.

    I also take off gloves as needed and I am usually driving an open diesel Kubota so wind factor is greater.

    This setup is good for me into the mid teens and a chill factorof Zero. Any colder and I add long johns and a Balcava.

    Some from the north may consider this over kill.

    Untill they slip one day on ice and lay screaming for help for 45 minutes with a broken shoulder and can't get up.

    No, did not happen to me but it did happen to the wife one time. Lucky I was sleeping (I was working graveyard) 30 feet from where she fell, still I was slow to wake and she could have died that day.

    Dress warm, shed what you don't need, carry a cell phone and a .45.

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