7% of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows???

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  1. chelloveck

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    7% of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows??? I wonder where they think strawberry milk comes from???

    Are You Surprised 7% of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows?
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  2. DKR

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    (Myth: The astronauts didn’t float away because they had heavy boots) (no myth, people cannot connect the dots)


    About 6-7 years ago, I was in a philosophy class at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (good science/engineering school) and the teaching assistant was explaining Descartes.

    He was trying to show how things don’t always happen the way we think they will and explained that, while a pen always falls when you drop it on Earth, it would just float away if you let go of it on the Moon. My jaw dropped a little. I blurted “What?!” Looking around the room, I saw that only my friend Mark and one other student looked confused by the TA’s statement. The other 17 people just looked at me like “What’s your problem?” “But a pen would fall if you dropped it on the Moon, just more slowly.” I protested.

    “No it wouldn’t.” the TA explained calmly, “because you’re too far away from the Earth’s gravity.” Think. Think. Aha! “You saw the APOLLO astronauts walking around on the Moon, didn’t you?”

    I countered, “why didn’t they float away?”

    “Because they were wearing heavy boots.” he responded, as if this made perfect sense (remember, this is a Philosophy TA who’s had plenty of logic classes). By then I realized that we were each living in totally different worlds, and did not speak each others language, so I gave up.

    I tried this Q&A on my own dad some years ago. I also got ''heavy boots".....

    The way "Science" is taught in the U.S. is criminal....
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  3. Merkun

    Merkun furious dreamer

    Not at all.
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  4. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I think the main thrust of the article, and research findings is that the further one is away from the actual process of food production, the less one actually knows about the end product on the supermarket shelf: In which case belief will sometimes replace factual knowledge. Just as with scientific illiteracy, food production illiteracy will allow room for myth and unsound thinking.
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  5. 3M-TA3

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    Yes, it's called public education where they teach social justice and self esteem, and perhaps some politically correct science as part of the indoctrination. The last two generations have been completely let down by their elders in allowing this ti happen,

    Conversely the children of people I know who are home schooled can run intellectual rings around their publicly educated peers..
  6. DKR

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    indoor cow's nest...
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  7. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I would not be surprised that some home schooled children could run intellectual rings around some of their publicly educated peers...and vice versa....but that doesn't make the case that home schoolin' would be universally better than public education.

    Much depends upon the competency of the parents in delivering home schooling, and the quality of the materials they use to support it. Home schooling is not an alloyed success for every child. It would be an error to conclude that home schooling is better than public education across the board, based on some anecdotal evidence from a small sample.

    How Home Schooling Will Change Public Education | Brookings Institution highlights the difficulties in quantifying home schooling success nationally.

    yes...there are home schooling success stories, but it has to be acknowledged that home schooling isn't successful for everyone.

    How Christian fundamentalist homeschooling damages children
    Fundamentalist Homeschooling Is A Poison: Isaiah’s Story
    The Scientific Method According to Accelerated Christian Education

    I'm not sure that Betsy 'Vouchers' De Vos will be doing much to strengthen the academic value of US Public education. She seems to be doing her utmost to weaken it even further.
  8. Motomom34

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    I really had to check my sarcasm at the door on this one. :censored: But on the upside sometimes two dumbs breed a genius. :D
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  9. Yard Dart

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    Come on, everybody knows that strawberry milk comes from red-headed cows.... (y)

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  10. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    If the moon had no gravity, the dust and rock would float off.
    It is sad that people propagate lies and twist morality to fit their own perverted agendas .
    And it is these that tend to vote democrat ,not for the reputation of a candidate but for the popularity contest amongst one another.
    Fashion sells because some one people adore ,wears it. like a bunch of chickens.
    Will fallow another into something dangerous just because some one else is.
    Kids are not taught where their food comes from, and live in the protected bubble away form reality ,till it slams them in the face.
    Trauma and shock when they discover they had been lied to .
    I taught my kids about life through pets and animals we processed and ate.
    The whole rest of the world children are better informed, than wealthy american kids, that are lied to regularly . it is no wonder they don't respect adults .
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  11. Motomom34

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    That is right & if you get an Oreo cookie cow and freeze the milk, you get cookies & cream ice cream. [​IMG]

  12. Merkun

    Merkun furious dreamer

    Um -- Are you sure those are cows? I have this funny feeling it ain't oreos and milk you get from THAT herd --
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  13. Motomom34

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    If you get chocolate milk from a chocolate cow then those oreo looking cows should be producing something wonderful. May have to buy a belted galloway and test it out myself.

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  14. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey Site Supporter++

    The key word there is cows - those oreo looking cattle turn out to be bulls, unless, of course, the live in Nutlandia and self identify as cows. You really DON'T want to milk them either way.
  15. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    Okay, so my picture above was the bulls. Here is a corrected picture.

    And according to 7% of Americans if you milk that above you may get.......


    I think I have officially derailed another of @chelloveck's threads. Sorry.
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  16. Merkun

    Merkun furious dreamer

    Well done, and in an admirable manner.
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  17. oil pan 4

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    Just what till you taste what comes out of a rainbow cow.
  18. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Where does Chocolate milk in Australia come from?
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  19. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Usually from a blend of cows milk (though other substitutes such as soy milk / goats milk are preferred by some) , and cocoa powder / syrup. Breed and colouring of cow irrelevent to the colour of the milk. :D:D:D:D
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  20. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    You don't wanna know. They do things differently down under. See exhibit A. o_O

    Exhibit A
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