700 Teachers + Concealed Carry = Texas Win

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Mindgrinder, Apr 8, 2013.

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    I do not live in Texas, But I do feel its a win for all.
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    Much better/cheaper solution than the NRA armed guards police state solution.

    Future quote:
    Some Texan kid:
    "Sum dude like was like on the basketball court with a gat an like Mrs Green from mah science class was all like "F this shizat man" an she like gave him like 3 warnings an stuff to like put his shizat down an he was like no way bish an took a shot at her an then she like capped his @55. It was like epic."
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    OH, my god, Texas valley Girl. Personally, i know several teachers in Ohio, and Illinois, that are more than willing to follow suit with a CCW in class. i would fully support teachers being able to do something besides hiding under a desk, when my kids are at risk. I have already offered to help foot the bill for a bullet proof vest for one teacher I know, if he chooses to put himself in harms way.
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    My friends teach a CHL class, and will be giving a free class for local educators (teachers, vice principals and principals) early next month......and since that one filled up so quickly, will schedule another one soon after! This has been a VERY popular program for our educators, and hopefully this widespread participation will convince the TX state legislature to pass that bill, and send it on to the governor for signature!
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